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May 27, 2010 04:49 PM

Playing with Polenta - cajun flavors

So today, I put polenta in the crockpot before leaving for most of the day, using seafood stock instead of water and a hefty amount of cajun seasoning, lil butter. It's good, but I'm going to put in a pan, in fridge to cut up and grill later. or maybe bake. I like the flavors, not sure I'll like the texture.

Has anyone else played around with polenta and added flavors or enhancements. I've had fantastic polenta fries with rosemary, cheese flavors.

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  1. I just love creamy, cheesy polenta. I replace about half of the water/stock you would usually use with a mix of milk and cream, add some butter, then when it's nearly ready I stir in some grated cheese. Sometimes I add a little smoked paprika.

    I usually keep it fairly simple because we serve it with slow cooked lamb shanks (when it's soft and just cooked, rather than chilled, cut up and grilled)

    1. Cool way to riff on polenta...I have to try it.

      If you are ever feeling particularly well-off, consider ordering from Anson Mills. Their artisinal polenta (and other products) takes "good" to a completely new level!

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        very nice, thanks. I just roasted or baked some that I sprinkled s&p - awesome, crispy on the outside too. Anxious to grill some tonight!