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May 27, 2010 04:28 PM

ISO a very specific sandwich in the East Village

I live in southeastern PA. My daughter lives in the East Village. She just phoned me and said she has a craving for a sandwich known as "The Bobbie" that one of our local sandwich shop chains (Capriotti's) makes, and she'd love to find a place in the East Village that serves them. The Bobbie has turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayonnaise and it's served on a steak (hoagie) roll. Does anyone know of an EV eatery that might have a Bobbie wannabe on their menu? Thanks!!!

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  1. Sadly no. It's not an East Village problem - it's a New York problem. All she can do, I think, is find a deli which has the ingredients and explain how to make it. The problem will be finding anywhere with stuffing except at Thanksgiving.

    1. Any place that serves "Thanksgiving all year" could make the sandwich you describe but there aren't many places that do that in NYC much less the East Village. If you can find a restaurant that makes each of the components it would be simple to tell them what she is seeking. Good luck.

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        ChatnChew used to serve Thanksgiving on a Roll and may still. The roll won't be your hometown roll though.