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May 27, 2010 03:54 PM

Good Open-Air Bar on/near the Beach?

My parents are coming out to visit LA for the first time. My dad, going for the cliche, has requested an open-air bar where he can watch the sunset one evening. Any suggestions in, say, Santa Monica or Palisades that might also have some decent food? Thanks!

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  1. Good post on this in Tasting Table this week:
    I'd go to the Shangri-La for drinks at Sunset and then walk over to Musha for dinner.

    424 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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    1. re: mollyomormon

      Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    2. The Lobster's bar is pretty open and has a great view of the ocean.

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        I think I am going to try the Lobster. It seems a little less swank than some of the hotel bars around. Thank you!

        1. re: jesalewi

          We actually checked out the Hotel Shangri-La bar over the weekend and it was decidedly not swank! The place was kind of packed, I think due to both the Tasting Table piece and because it was someone's birthday party that night, plus a ton of people watching the Laker's game. This was totally my kind of place: super low key but in a great old, beautiful art deco hotel. The only potential issue is that some of the patio furniture could use a good cleaning, but not something that bothered me. Basically, it felt like a neighborhood bar with a fantastic view of the Ocean and coast, rather than a tourist hangout, which is what a place like the Penthouse at the Huntley often feels like.

          I find the atmosphere at the Lobster very corporate and the food pricey for what it is, but I can definitely see it being a good parent place.

      2. The food is not great, but The Whaler at the end of Washington Blvd. is great open air bar (more bar than restaurant). Across the street from that is the Terrace. Better food, nicer atmosphere, but still not stuffy.