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May 27, 2010 02:24 PM

Rosés: looking for one that is darker, sultry, lush and fat?

I've been noticing (and grabbing) the summer build-up of rosés showing up at the wine shops and departments. I enjoy rosés not only because they seem perfect for the summer, I like their versatility and their general characteristics as a wine. When I think of a typical rosé, its profile is dry to semi-dry, crisp, raspberries and strawberries with a tart citrus finish.

There's been one rosé that has haunted me for a few years now. A local wine bar that is no longer around had a rosé that was very different. Unlike a typical rosé, it was darker - like the skin on a plum. The I would describe the taste and bouquet as similar to a plum but with ripe lush cherries as well. The level of acid was relatively low, and it had a sultry finish. I recall the wine was a rosato from Spain - I believe the winery was Zarzales. Is anyone familiar with this style of rosé, or this particular rosato from Zarzales? I'm in Southern California and have yet to find this style of rosé in any of the wine sources I regularly visit. Any leads would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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  1. While not as dark as you desire, I love a rose from Gigondas, Gour de Chaule, also imported by Rosenthal. Though with the dollar so weak the price has gone up from about 18.00 to 27.00 in recent years. it's nice and heavy for a rose. My fave.

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      Actually, the dollar is quite strong...Neal is getting greedy

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        True, but they buy in advance. I believe that this years Rose prices were proably set last Autumn. There used to be another importer out of the Carolinas who also imported the same product and their prices were in line w/his.

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        Had a wonderful Rosé from Gigondas (Perrin? Gotta' check), that was light in color, but that did not bely the full-body that it possessed. I served it to some, who were surprised at the body. They were all expecting it to be as light as the coloration, but it was more like a hefty Cab, or full-bodied Granache. Think I am down to 1 btl. from a full case, and will dig around and tell you how it aged.


      3. Wine Searcher shows the Zarzales is at Pacific Wine Merchant in Upland.

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          Thanks - I'll give them a call. Upland's a stretch, but it may be worth the drive.

        2. If you're closer to Santa Monica try Wine Expo. Ask Roberto or Eric what they have that's similar. I don't see Zarzales on their site, but they may have some other ideas.

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            If you're farther south, try Wine Country in Long Beach/Signal Hill.

            1. re: SteveTimko

              Just got an email saying The Wine Country has the Domaine Tempier Bandol in stock. Like Ernie below says, maybe not darker but.....


            2. re: Midlife

              Went to Wine Expo and picked up seven various rosés - mostly Italian - which Wine Expo mostly carries. So far, the results have been disappointing. The styles are very different, and the Italian roses sure are lacking in bouquet. Don't know if these selections are just the style, or if they're just plain flat. But it's been a good education on my part to at least venture into these particular rosés. I appreciate the tip just the same.

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                Did Roberto have the Metiusco in stock? It's the only rosato I buy there.

                Other wise, I buy roses from Provence and the surrounding environs.

                1. re: vinosnob

                  I didn't ask and I was pointed to a section of rosés that were right by the entrance. The gentleman didn't seem interested in engaging me (was totally caught up on the computer), so I grabbed what I thought might lean in the direction of what I was looking for, walked the rest of the store, paid, and left. Definitely the least personable wine merchant I've ever run into...

                  I've enjoyed those rosés from Provence, but I think Maria Lorraine hit the target.

            3. Not darker, but definitely lush and sultry, are either Tavel or something from Bandol.