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May 27, 2010 02:15 PM

Paris Trip in July--Feedback on Choices Please!

There will be 3 of us coming to Paris Sunday July 11-Sunday July 18. We're originally European and very adventurous foodwise, but 2 of us are on a budget, so we'll probably going to be limiting ourselves to 1 big meal a day (probably dinner with mainly snacks and some pastry sampling during the day) and would like to stay in the 35euro/person on food or under category (although a few splurges wouldn't hurt). One night is reserved at La Fermette Marbeuf because the 2 I'm traveling with loved it on the last go-round. I haven't seen any talk of it here. Any feedback?
For the other nights, I've done some research and am thinking of:
L'Agrume (high on my list)
Le Marcab
Chez L'Ami Jean
Claude Colliot
Chez Grenouille
L'Assiette et Le Bouchon
Les Papilles
Carte Blanche
Le Comptoire du Relais
L'Aromatik (thinking of this for Monday night).
Le Gaigne
Ze Kitchen Galerie

I'd appreciate your help in narrowing down my list and am looking especially for a choice for Sunday (hopefully near our hotel as we'll have spent a sleepless night the night before) and Bastille Day (are restaurants open?). I'm also interested in knowing if all of these restaurants require reservations. I think the other members of my party would prefer not to overschedule, so we'd likely gravitate to some of the places that don't require reservations.

Finally, I'm thinking of doing a wine tour in the Loire valley or a champagne tour in Champagne. I'd appreciate any recommendations of good, affordable tours or your honest feedback on whether a tour is a bad idea.

Thank you in advance! And, p.s. I didn't list Frenchie because I'm assuming that at this date and it being a busy week in July that reservations would be impossible.

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  1. You have an excellent list. Maybe you should get on the phone and let the restaurants' schedule narrow the list for you....which ones are open when you want to be there? That will be a smaller sub-set and you can go from there. (No one wants to suggest anything to you because no one know's which place will or won't be open.)

    1. My top 4 of your list would be Carte Blanche, Claude Colliot, Gaigne and l'Agrume, but degustibus non est and all that Latin.

      Sunday, lunch only, not far from your hotel could be Au Petit Marguery.

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        And the Petit Marguery has just opened an annex next door.

      2. Thank you for your quick feedback. I'm glad I'm on the right track!