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3 Weeks Driving Around France

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My husband I will spend July driving through Normandy, Dordogne, Midi Pyrenees, up through Burgundy and back to the Netherlands. I need a stop, re: restaurant, between Macon and Luxenbourg, probably in the Metz area. Does anyone know a good place for an overnight for our last meal of the trip?

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  1. Alsace seems like a good place to stop for the night. I would highly recommend Les Bas Rupts near Gerardmer. The food is wonderful and it is also a hotel. Alternatively, you could stay in or near Colmar (we stayed at the Relais du Ried in Bischwihr, a budget hotel, and drove into Colmar for dinner) and dine at JY's or Rendez-vous de Chasse.

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