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May 27, 2010 11:57 AM

late lunch on a thursday in july: la regalade?

We arrive at Gare de Lyon shortly before 2 pm. Does anyone know how late la regalade seats for lunch? Any alternative suggestions? thanks

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  1. Gare de Lyon is quite near the Place Aligre in the 12th, so maybe you could walk briskly over there. If you're looking for something similar to La Regalade I'm not sure what to suggest, but if you're open to something different, I know people on this board seem to like La Gazzetta And there's Szechuan at Shan Gout 22 (rue Hector Malot, 12th, Tel. 01-43-40-62-14. Metro: Gare de Lyon. Closed Monday.)

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      I have walked to or from the GdL from or to (and endorse all):
      Entre Les Vignes (6.0/10 across the street and up a bit; best place if you're late)
      Biche Au Bois (best in game season, 5.6, 2 blocks)
      Shan Gout (7.8 best on weekends when everything else in closed)
      Gazzetta & its sortof offshoot Rino (5.5)

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