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Medical treatment at UC Davis next week - any good restaurants nearby?

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We just found out that a team of different types of vet. dr.s have agreed to see our very sick puppy next Tuesday, so we will be driving from SF to UC Davis. I have never been to that area.

It will be my husband's 50th birthday, so I would like to enjoy a nice lunch (nothing fancy needed - just good food as opposed to mediocre food). Anyone have any ideas? We are having an Italian dinner back in SF with friends, so preferably not Italian. I am 8 months pregnant so Sushi and most fish is out.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I would suggest Tazzina Bistro for lunch in Woodland (about 10 min North of Davis). I've had good experience with their entrees, but dessert is definitely hit-or-miss. Where are you traveling from and what time of day since this could bring Sacramento stops into play.

    Tazzina Bistro
    614 Main St, Woodland, CA 95695

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      Thanks. We will be driving up from Southern Marin in the wee hours of the morning. We hope to be done with the dr.s around 1230, and then will be driving back to Southern Marin.

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        I strongly second this! I've lived in Davis and Woodland for the last 11 years, and I think Tazzina Bistro is the real standout. It's only about a 10 minute drive north on the 113- totally worth the detour. Great sandwiches and salads on the lunch menu, as well as an amazing quiche.

        Hope your puppy is doing better soon!

        Tazzina Bistro
        614 Main St, Woodland, CA 95695

      2. Roughly speaking, in Davis I would recommend Osteria Fasulo (fancy Italian
        restaurant) and Aioli Bodega Espanola (spanish) at the high end (both pricy but
        high quality). Then in the upper mid-range I would recommend Bistro 33,
        Cafe Bernardo, and Seasons (all California fusion type restaurants), Ketmoree
        (Thai) and Village Pizza and Grill (has also fish, meat and pasta dishes besides pizza).
        All are pretty good. The service at Village Pizza can be slow, but the food is always
        quite good.

        Osteria Fasulo
        2657 Portage Bay E Ste 8, Davis, CA 95616

        Aioli Bodega Espanola
        , Davis, CA 95616

        Bistro 33
        226 F Street, Davis, CA 95618

        Cafe Bernardo
        234 D St, Davis, CA 95616

        1. try fuzio new space in downtown consistently good food.

          1. Most UC Davis medical treatments are done at the huge hospital complex on Stockton St. in Sacramento; you might want to check where your test will be performed.

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              It's for their dog, so it's at the Vet School at Davis.

            2. I have had nice lunches at Tucos Wine Market and Cafe. I found a recent menu posted here:

              Second choice would be Seasons, third would be Bistro 33 if it is moderate enough to eat outside on their lovely patio.

              Happy early birthday to your husband, and hope the visit helps your puppy. -sou

              Bistro 33
              226 F Street, Davis, CA 95618

              1. One more option. In the off-chance that your husband is a beer
                lover, there is also Sudwerk Restaurant & Brewery. The beer is
                pretty good (particularly the Hefe Weizen, the Marzen, and Mai Bock)
                but the food is, well, very germanic. But is you stick to salads and
                grilled sausages (they have a wide selection) a decent lunch
                can be had with the beer.

                Sudwerk Restaurant & Brewery
                2001 2nd St, Davis, CA 95618