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May 27, 2010 11:41 AM

Film Prof Needs Good Solo Dining Places


I'm off to Montreal to lecture at the Congress of the Humanities and am travelling solo.

I will be dining out solo Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.

I'm a 31 year old fashionista and I lived in NY for a number of years. I'm looking for something more upscale (not brew pubs) and somewhere where solo diners are not i incongruous.

I'm comfortable dining at the bar or at a table by myself.

Thanks so much for any suggestions you have--I'll be in serious need of a glass of bordeaux and good food after a day of lecturing and academic meetings.

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  1. Fashionwise, Montreal is not NY, we are a lot more relaxed. (I think, it's been a long time I went to NY) and food-wise too

    If you want wine they might have Bordeaux, but they specialize in "nature" wines and non-bordeaux :
    "BU", "Pullman", "3 petits bouchons" ... or more relaxed (fashion, but all are) : "La Buvette Chez Simone"

    More fancier but not by much: Graziella, Ferreira, Newtown, Laloux, "La Montée de Lait"

    any more info on the food you want to eat (or _not_ eat ) ?

    (google for all of the above)

    1. Also :

      "Les Cavistes" ( on st-denis st.)

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      1. re: Maximilien

        Thanks so much Maximilen.

        I'm open to any kind of cuisine. I am just hoping to avoid the touristy places and enjoy a few delicious dinners out.

        I am staying at a hotel on Jeanne-Mance, so close-ish to there would be a bonus, but not necessary.

        1. re: Maximilien

          In addition to Maximilien's solid recommendations, I would add Joe Beef and Liverpool House, as well as Le Chien Fumant.

          Joe Beef
          2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

          1. re: cherylmtl

            Le Chien Fumant, it has popped up here and there a lot recently, I have to give it a try!

            1. re: Maximilien

              I have been thinking I should try the Chien Fumant. Anth over at Myriade recommended it for their cocktails; said the guy behind the bar was a serious mixologist. Since I usually make my own cocktails at home or go to NYC for serious mixology, it would be nice to try a local bartender's recipes for a change.

              1. re: TheSnowpea

                I don't normally order cocktails, but we were persuaded to try their house special (brain is drawing a blank now, I know there were three ingredients, but I can't remember any of them except brandy) - and it was good.

        2. L'express (on St-denis) might also fit your bill

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            I would prefer Le Continental instead of l'express for dining at the bar. It has a U shape and is more conducive to meeting people.

            I also went to les 3 p'tits bouchons alone at the bar and had a very nice dinner. The food is excellent.

            If you like Italian with a twist, Misto on Mont-Royal near St-Denis is a nice place to eat at the bar. I recommend it highly.

          2. I suggest Cafe du Theatre du Nouveau Monde on Ste-Catherine corner St-Urbain which is close to Place des Arts.

            I have solo dined there very often before attending a concert and the food and service are very good.

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            1. re: pinalafina

              If you are in Montreal these days, I think the whole sector is a construction zone and not very hospitable.

              1. re: Maximilien

                ha all the more reason to send visitors to the district