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May 27, 2010 11:37 AM

The Famous Dal Cart - 2nd Ave and 10 St.

There's a brand new gorgeously festooned cart parked in the evenings on 2nd Ave. and 10th St. Their food is home made, cheap, and delicious. They serve 2 dals (black lentil and yellow lentil) on rice for $3. If you're willing to shoot the works, $5 buys you some chicken tikka masala, dal, garlic pickle, and rice. I prefer the yellow to the black lentil dal, but they are both good. Servings are generous. Their official hours are 4PM - 1AM every night except Sunday. Sometimes they arrive later, and sometimes they are parked and 2nd and 9th. I highly recommend it and hope that this lovely privately owned business does well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear there's another option to get my daal fix besides Lahore.

    1. I ordered the combo yesterday which is the dal, chicken, and pickled garlic I believe and it was pretty good for $5. The chicken and dal needed salt but was well seasoned otherwise but the rice was a bit too wet. I'm going to try the 2 dal combo next.

      1. cool; never seen that but Iove the visual of the huge urns on the griddle. will look out for it surely.

        1. Looks like they sell mango lassi's as well...has anyone tried?

          1. I've been there a few more times. The quality is sometimes a little uneven - I agree that the food can be a little undersalted (easily corrected) but for $3 or $5 it's hard to beat.

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              I'm eating the double Dal as I write and the food is still under salted but the real crime is the wet rice. I'll eat it again for the simple fact it's close to home but it could be better. For the price it's fine

              1. re: bookhound

                Have you met the older guy who started the business? He's very friendly and open to suggestions. Why don't you mention it to him?

                1. re: hungrycomposer

                  Both times I've been there the stand has been run by a young lady who served me and a young guy who made my change. I've yet to meet the older guy.