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May 27, 2010 11:24 AM

BBQ in Orleans?

I'm hoping that Surfin' Swine BBQ on Main St. in front of the Masonic Temple in Orleans is firing up their smokers again this season. If no one has heard anything either way, I'll follow up. Here's a review from Pigtrip- and their menu- . Fingers crossed.

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  1. Well got my answer. Today and tomorrow they are out by the American Legion on Main St. in Orleans, where there is some sort of flea market going on also. They won't be around the next 2 weekends. Back at Eastham Town Commons on Father's Day weekend, then pretty much alternating between Eastham and the Masonic Lodge in Orleans. Eastham offered them free space, the Lodge raised their rental. Modified menu this weekend, no brisket. Nice lunch plate of 3 ribs, beans and cornbread for $6. Pulled pork and chicken is also available. You folks down on the Cape this weekend, check it out!

    Town Common
    76 Hopedale St, Hopedale, MA 01747