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Cape Cod 2010 - where to eat?

Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off Summer 2010! Where should we eat in the Cape? It was our first time at the Cape last year and we loved the fried seafood, ice cream, and everything in between. I recall really enjoying Cooke's, Misaki, Cape Cod Creamery, and Four Seas Ice Cream.

What are the must-eats for us this year? We are staying in Chatham so we would prefer something within a 15-20 minute drive. Although we are planning to take a trip to Provincetown one day. Here is our list so far. Our budget is around $10 for lunch and $15-20 for dinner so we are primarily interested in reasonably priced places. Open to New England type cuisine, Cape favorites, brunch places, and any other unique places such Karoo Kafe. As a point of reference, we are coming from NY/CT.

Fried Seafood:
Sir Cricket's

Ice Cream:
Ice Cream Cafe
Schoolhouse Ice Cream
(should we try something new or just go back to Cape Cod Creamery and Four Seas?)

Karoo Kafe
Portuguese Bakery

Hangar B Eatery (is this a good brunch or just so-so?)

I'm having a hard time finding good places in Chatham. Seems like things are just a bit more expensive for what you get.

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  1. Krystle...I was just about to post the exact same questions... My family is going to Chatham from July 19-25, we need the same questions answered...


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      "Impudent Oyster" In Chatham has always pleased us when we have gone there for lunch, it may be alittle more that $10.00 but not much more i dont think. ive also had lunch at "Chatham Fish and Lobster" it was good there as well. Chatham in the summer can get "pricey" so i would suggest scouting out where the locals go to eat,,"Red Nun" has been mentioned on this board in the past, that is in Chatham, i havent ever been there, but they seem to do a brisk business. "Larrys PX" on Main st Chatham is more of a local breakfast, lunch place as well. there are plenty of more expensive places to eat in Chatham,maybe you might want to splurge some lunch or dinner...

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        Hi Krystle - hope you and family having great vacation in Chatham. We live here! Lucky us.
        How about Academy Grill in Orleans. They have a delicious lobster roll for lunch $9.99!!
        You can eat outside or in air conditioned.restaurant Their lunch menu is extensive and all delicious. They have a cozy bar, serving tapas etc. Enjoy!

      2. Some ideas:

        Chatham Squire for lunch, Main Street

        Osterville Fish Too (in Barnstable, off 6A) for great seafood, outdoor seating

        The Dolphin (in Barnstable, on 6A) for dinner, a classic Cape Cod place

        Chatham Pier Fish Market for seafood

        Arnold's in Eastham for seafood

        Captain Frosty's in Dennis, very casual, another Cape tradition

        I've also heard good things about Land Ho in Orleans and Del Mar Bar & Bistro in Chatham but haven't been there myself...

        For a special dinner, the Brewster Fish House on 6A is outstanding but go early, no reservations and it is very popular

        IMHO, there is no better place for ice cream on the Cape (I live here) than Four Seas!!!

        And don't miss the free band concerts in Kate Gould Park on Main Street, Chatham

        Have a great vacation!!!!

        Brewster Fish House
        2208 Main, Brewster, MA 02631

        Land Ho Restaurant
        RR 6 Box A, Orleans, MA 02653

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          This is a pretty good list except for one stinker. Don't bother with Land Ho for anything other than beer. Whether it's the gummy, tasteless clam chowder, the nondescript seafood, the over-priced kids' meals or the arrogant management, this place is a disaster.

          Land Ho Restaurant
          RR 6 Box A, Orleans, MA 02653

        2. Did you mean $15-$20 for dinner for two? If so your best bet is McDonalds on the Cape. A large order of clams at most clam shacks is at least $18.00. It's hard to find decent dinner for two anywhere for under 20 bucks for two.....least of all Cape Cod.

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          1. marionspieshopofchatham.com

            Marion's Pie Shop, a short drive from downtown Chatham, is a great, tiny shop full of sweet and savory pies. It's definitely within your budget.

            In Wellfleet, at the very end of the Cape Cod Rail Trail, is PB Boulangerie, which has some of the best pastries I've ever had. The dark chocolate/orange brioche is amazing. They also carry many varieties of bread. I'm not sure about their savory options since I was intently focused on the sweet stuff.


            I second Brewster Fish House if you're willing to splurge a little for dinner. They're also open for lunch, according to their website, so that might be a better option to stay within budget.


            Have a great vacation!

            Brewster Fish House
            2208 Main, Brewster, MA 02631

            1. Sir Cricket's is much better than Cooke's. I had too many bad experiences at Cooke's to go back. And if you are in Orleans, see my post about BBQ, if you like that sort of thing.

              Emack and Bolio's is also good ice cream in Orleans.

              The Land Ho... pub food. I think the Chatham Squire is better for that sort of thing.

              I like Grumpy's on 6A in Dennis for breakfasts.

              Emack and Bolio's
              259 Shore Dr, Mashpee, MA 02649

              Land Ho Restaurant
              RR 6 Box A, Orleans, MA 02653

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                Some good recs here but a few stinkers as well. Do not confuse Cooke's in Orleans with Cooke's in Hyannis and Mashpee. Different owners and totally different quality. Hyannis and Mashpee are excellent. Orleans, not so much, so yes, stick with Sir Crickets. As mentioned, Arnold's is good, but Captain Frosty's is awful. Many love 4 Seas for Ice Cream but I find it too sugary and I like my nut/chips/chunks whole in my ice cream not ground up into little slivers like at Four Seas. Sundae School in Dennisport is terrific as is Maggie's in Hyannis.

                Last thought, Lobster is incredibly cheap right now at $5.99 per pound so you can get a nice one for around $10 and most places will steam them free of charge if you felt like roughing it one night.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  Is the Kream N' Kone in Dennisport still good? Daughter lives on the Vineyard so we never get to the Cape anymore, but I used to love the fried seafood at the Kone. Clam roll, lobster roll, real onion rings...used to rock, but it's been a long time.

                  1. re: Altaira

                    K&K is what it is..cheap fried food..I enjoy a twice a year fix there..Not for Lobster roll..for that head to Sesuit Harbour Cafe

              2. Just an update. Had Red Nun the other night and it was really good food. Tried Sir Cricket's for lunch today and it was decent too.

                Any recommendations for a good lobster roll?

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                  Sesuit Cafe is reliable and the views cannot be beat. BYOB.

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                    Yes, Sesuit Harbor Cafe #1 lobster roll. I went Saturday at 5, busy not crowded. Next time I'll ask them to go easy on the liquid dressing. Their local Dennis oysters are great. The cake concession is an old time Cape Cod venture and just looking gets me excited. The tuna sashimi is local catch, lightly seared, with a crushed pepper rim. The food can reach the outdoor eating area before you finnish deciding what you want for desert. I learned to listen up for my number the instant the receipt is in my hand. I love this place.

                    Sesuit Harbor Cafe
                    357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638

                2. Chillingsworth

                  2449 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631

                  1. Maybe I missed it on here but don't overlook Lazy Lobster on Orleans Rd. in Chatham. The lobster rolls are excellent (especially with a vanilla cream soda).

                    Other options could include Pisces on 28 in Chatham or the Outer Bar & Grille at Wequassett also in Chatham (for a nicer meal).

                    Lazy Lobster
                    247 Orleans Rd, Chatham, MA 02633

                    1. Didn't know Hangar B Eatery had a brunch, but their lunch menu has some great items! My husband is a pilot and we've eaten there a few times since they've opened. They really spent some time freshening up the place. Their Fish Tacos are awesome, and Grilled Cheese / tomato soup is super. I took my Grandmother there for Mother's Day lunch and she still hasn't stopped talking about their Three Cheese Mac and Cheese.
                      Other recommendation is D'Angelos on Rte 28 in Chatham. Great for lunch on the go- or to take to Hardings Beach! We had a friend here last July who's a big "foodie" and she had lobster at every meal for a week. We're talking from all kinds of places from Lobster Roll at Captain Frosty's to Seafood Gumbo at Skippy's Pier One, Lobster at Lobster Pot, Loster Saute at Spanky's in Hyannis. Her favorite- Lobster Roll at D'Angelos in Chatham. Who knew!

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                      1. re: ccodevans

                        Who knew indeed?! Surprised your "foodie" friend prefers frozen canned lobster meat over freshly cooked and picked. Of course, given that list of places, among the worst the Cape has to offer, it should be no surprise.

                        Next time try Arnold's, or Friendly Fisherman, or Mac's, or Sesuit Cafe, or Chatham Bars Inn, or.....

                      2. Just back from a glorious week on the Cape...and having done my research on CH and a few other boards, decided to eat in more than out this trip. But of course, there are a few exceptions... :-)

                        We stayed in Centerville (right across from Craigville Beach) this time, so I got a lot of good Four Seas time! HIGHLY recommend Four Seas Ice Cream. As in, DON'T MISS IT. Ginger, Black Raspberry, and Mocha Chip. 4 different times (not all 3 each time) and we watched a guy TRY to eat their Hurricane--16 scoops + 2 brownies + 2 bananas + toppings. $44 if you don't eat it, free + a t-shirt and your name on a plaque if you do so within 30 mins. They had one guy do it this summer...suffice it to say that the guy we saw had his head in the bucket when we left (really). Poor thing. Fwiw, we also ate lunch there one day as we had a 4.5 year-old in tow. My friend had the lobster salad sandwich there, and declared it worth every cent of the $15. The other sandwiches are passable but nothing to write about.

                        The owners of our rental property suggested The Daily Paper in Hyannis for breakfast (or lunch) and I have to say, it was a great rec! I had an omelette special: bacon, chunks of green apple, caramelized onions, and brie--with good multigrain toast + home fries. Others had cranberry/pecan whole wheat pancakes (+ they only serve real maple syrup), a veg/basil/mozz omelette, and granola and yogurt with gorgeous fresh berries. Definitely worth a trip, imo!

                        I made one discovery on my own, thanks to one of the Top 10 lists on a Cape Cod site: Centerville Pie Company. O.M.G. Seriously. The cranberry/apple pie was so fantastic that we stopped there again as we left town! This time I had a (warm!) slice of the mixed berry, and it was just as good...VERY low in sugar, which is one reason I enjoyed them so much; imo, one of the normal problems with pie is that it's far too sweet! Evidently they've got great chicken and shepard's pies and more...and a great story, which you can read on their site. www.centervillepies.com

                        Now if I can just stay in Cape mode as I return to life in NJ... SIGH.

                        ETA: We stopped in Orange, CT for breakfast on the ride up, fully intending to try Chip's Pancakes--but the line outside kept us going 2 doors down to Equinox Diner--a totally acceptable meal without the wait!

                        Four Seas Ice Cream
                        360 S Main St, Centerville, MA 02632

                        Daily Paper
                        644 W Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601