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May 27, 2010 09:10 AM

I - 95 Corridor between DC and Fredericksburg. (Then west from there)

Hey Hounds

Next month we'll be beginning our summer trip "Down Yonder" to visit Mrs. Sippi's family. We're planning a detour through the battlefields in and around Fredericksburg.
We're staying over night in Aquia Harbour it looks like and we'll need a place for dinner.
As well, lunch the following day as we head towards I - 81.

We have fine dining here at home and there is tons of ethnic places so we don't need reco's on those.

What we do like is the places the locals eat. Where do you take people when they visit from out of town?? What's unique to the area?? What's the "Don't Miss" place??
I have a blog and if you take a look, you'll see the type of place I'm looking for. I want this to be "Blogworthy."

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  1. Hi DT,
    I took a quick look at your blog. Since you are staying in Aquia, I suggest Anita's. It is a New Mexico-style restaurant in a converted Hardee's on Rt, 1. It sure doesn't feel like a Hardee's anymore. Pretty good green chili. Lots of pork choices.

    Other than that, you might need to head into Fredericksburg. Everybody likes Mack's Ice Cream.

    If you decide to stay on the state routes instead of taking the interstate to get to I-81, you will probably go through Louisa on Rt 33. Obrigado is probably the best choice for lunch there. On the main street across from the old courthouse.

    Or if you take the interstate and want lunch west of Charlottesville, try Crozet Pizza.

    Or in Staunton, go to the I-81, Rt 250 intersection and go east on 250 for 1/8 of a mile to Rowe's Restaurant for dining like your grandparents liked it.

    Crozet Pizza
    5794 Three Notch D Rd, Crozet, VA 22932

    Obrigado Restaurant
    109 W Main St, Louisa, VA 23093

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    1. re: consaacs

      Anita's sounds like a good option.

      What do you think of Allman's in Fredricksburg?? Goolrick's looks really cool too.

      You're suggestion is Mack's for ice cream should we be in the mood. What about Carl's?? I see it's in the NRHP. Sounds interesting too.

      I've found a place named Ann's Soul Food in Stafford. That looks really great as well. Have you been there??

      When we leave my map is pointing me to I - 64 in Charlottesville via 3, 20 and 231. Louisa seems to be out of our way.

      Any more info will be gladly appreciated. Feel free to email me as well about any non food related things if you think I need to know.


      Ann's Soul Food
      216 E Broad St, Richmond, VA 23219

      1. re: Davwud

        Allman's was very disappointing dry dry dry pork with no flavor; however, Dixie Bones is pretty good BBQ and country food.

        Along I-64 I second Crozet Pizza or Three Notch Grill right there. Also the Greenwood Grocery is a nice little diversion with gourmet food.

        Crozet Pizza
        5794 Three Notch D Rd, Crozet, VA 22932