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May 27, 2010 03:22 AM

Concord or Peterborough, NH rehearsal dinner recommendations?

I'm trying to plan a wedding near Peterborough and am looking for restaurant recommendations for a rehearsal dinner for 30-40 people. I don't care much about ambience or and am not particular about what type of food the restaurant serves--I just want to eat well! Any advice gratefully accepted, especially on restaurants within half hour drive of Peterborough.

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  1. Sunflowers Cafe in Jaffrey is very nice. You might be able to book the whole restaurant if it's mid-week. The chef was formerly at Aylmer's.

    1. In Peterborough my favorite is The Pearl, but it's not a good setting for a rehearsal dinner, unless you had the entire restaurant. DelRossi's in Dublin is ideal for a rehearsal dinner, good food and small private dining rooms you could have to yourself. The garlic soup and scampi app are the best ever. I also like Sunflowers in Jaffrey.