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May 27, 2010 01:39 AM

Cleveland - West Side Market Recs?

Dear Cleveland Hounds,

I'm driving from NYC to Chicago and will take the opportunity to sleep near Cleveland this time.

I'll only have a few hours to spend in your city, so I was thinking of going to the West Side Market this Friday morning. What are some of the unique, local, awesome, not-to-be-missed offerings at the market? To eat there and to grab as gifts for fellow food lovers.

What's the parking situation around there?


West Side Market
1979 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH

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  1. Parking is free and adjacent to the market. Friday, not 100% of the stands will be open so I can't say for sure if my recommendations will work for you.

    My #1 eat-there rec. is the falafel sandwich from Maha's Falafil (; it's in one of the corners of the market. My 2nd rec is a coffee and crepe from City Roast/Crepes DeLuxe coffee (crepe stand is next door):,

    Everyone always also raves about the bratwurst sandwich, but I don't think it's all that special. However, I'll include that as a mention.
    There is also a juice shop where they will make you fresh squeezed juice, which is great with whatever you're eating.

    For food gifts, you could buy baked goods at Cake:
    or breads, I like Christopher's: or shelf stable items from the Mediterranean grocery - the Balkan cherries are excellent: You could also pick up some spices, specialty salts or grains at Urban Herbs:

    Good luck and let us know what you end up with!

    1. I like Orale. The have Mexican food that they will heat up upon request.

      I also like the pierogi stand. Cleveland really likes their pierogis and this stand does a great job. Of course, if there's one city in the US where you don't need to bring pierogis, it's Chicago. Same for kielbasa, but there's plenty of that in the market, too.

      Reilly's is awesome and local but I'm not sure how uniquely Cleveland it is. They have delicious Irish baked goods.

      1. I have only been to the market once. But if you like cupcakes, try GRANDMA FREDA'S FRESH BAKE STAND: H-12. Delicious cupcakes, I especially liked a version with peanut butter frosting, really yummy. I also had a crepe , very good. And I love the pasta at Ohio City Pasta, not sure how easy that would be to bring home though.

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          try the beef jerky at czuchraj meats.

          1. re: pete k

            We are partial to the smokies from Czuchraj - just tried the "Honey" yesterday- it's got nice spice balanced against the honey - delicious!

            Ohio City Pasta had a couple of ready to eat pasta salads available yesterday. Their stuff is superb.

            Kim Se offers Cambodian specialties and will heat them for you to eat on site if you wish.

            Maha's falafels are amazing.

            1. re: pete k

              I second that! I just got some today and its great stuff at $13 a pound.

          2. Sorry if you missed this! But I love West Side Market. Take a cooler if you can. Ohio City Pasta makes some of the best ravioli and traditional pastas around and their sauces are superb. If you enough from them (I think it's $50) they give you a coupon that you can use at their takeaway stand across the aisle.

            I've bought meat from Wiencek's, which I highly recommend.

            Don't skip the produce side! The guys are willing to deal especially at the end of the day. And a West Side Market bag is $1, so you can haul everything home.

            West Side Market
            1979 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH

            1. Sorry, too late for your trip Joe, but when I think of the West Side Market, people -- if I'm starting off the day there early, say like 7am early -- how about some love for the West Side Market Cafe with the entrance on 25th? It's not much to look at, but if you're there for breakfast, they turn out an amazing eggs benedict or just a basic diner breakfast with eggs and hash browns. I think it's a great spot to start a morning there.

              West Side Market
              1979 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH