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May 27, 2010 12:42 AM

Any more recent Corsica reports? Comments on these places.....

Hi All

Yes, I've read all the Corsican threads. Most are a few years old now, so I was wondering if anyone had been more recently and would care to offer up any comments/reports/tips?

The following places sounded interesting in previous threads. If anyone has any updates, or any comments at all, on them, they'd be gratefully received.

Flora or Chez Flora, on the D82 or D2 (anyone got more precise info on this?)

Le Pirate (


Ferme d'Urbino, Ghisonnaccia (Haute-Corse),

Ferme Auberge Mare e Monti, Murato. I wonder if the poster got the name wrong, I can find mention of similarle named places online, but not this. Do you mean Ferme Auberge de Campo di Monte, Murato? Any more accurate details?

Auberge Santa Barbara

A Stella di Rustino, 0495387709 in vilage of Valle-di-Rostino,

Plus these from an old NYT article

Le Pain de Sucre on the packed Plage de Sainte-Restitude

Ustaria A Stonda, Sagone

A Pasturella Place du Village, Monticello

I'd also be delighted to hear any other suggestions. I'd probably favour rustic, auberge-y type places, traditional cooking showing sympathetic use of good local ingredients and friendly receptions. But we're open to anything and as there are so few recommendations on this thread, respond with any recommendations you have for the benefit of others.

We're camping in our VW van. so any food-shopping tips are welcome too - great weekly food markets, particular producers (a previous poster mentioned a cured sausage maker) for example.

We're planning on concentrating on the northern half of the island, but if there's somewhere in the south you love, throw it in. You never know!

Thanks all!


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  1. I think I'm one of the posters you will have got some of your info from, and I'm afraid I can't update anything I've already said.

    I've reread my posts on this, and I'm still not 100% certain as to the location of the Chez Flora/Flora cafe! However, I'm pretty sure it is on the D82 within a couple of hundred yards of the N193. As you are driving inland off the main road, it is on the right. It doesn't look very attractive - a relatively modern building with room for parking - I seem to remember that it had a fairly big sign, and didn't look like the kind of place a tourist would go to eat. There were trucks and police cars parked outside at lunch times when we were there. Having said all of this, there is a chance that it is not near the junction with the N193, but further up the D82, just after the junction with the D305 (if you are driving west).

    If you have no joy, then it is either closed now, or I've got it completely wrong, and it is on the D264 - again, just off the main N193 or just after the junction with the D81 ... sorry if I've just confused things even more.

    If you are near L'ille Rousse or Calvi, do try to get to the Auberge de Tesa - I'm sure you will have read about it on my other posts. As you are in your camper van, you can probably find somewhere to park up near by - it is on a very quiet rural road.

    1. Hi,
      I'm pretty sure that you mean Ferme di Campo di Monte in Murato. All my corsican friends say it is the best farmhouse, traditional type place to eat. The setting is lovely. The owner purchased an old farmhouse in the hillside.