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May 26, 2010 10:51 PM


There are a lot of breweries in the Seattle area, but they tend to be far from where I live, work, or otherwise spend time and thus I don't visit them as often as I should. Which ones have you visited? Which ones do you feel are specifically worth a visit vs just getting their beer elsewhere?

My own experiences:

Black Raven in Redmond is great. They've got my favorite IPA in the area (Trickster) and everything else they brew is at least an above-average example of its style. It's a nice place to sit around and drink, despite what the outside may lead you to believe. Flying Saucer will deliver pizza right to your table if need be.

Two Beers hosted an event with Tako Truk earlier this year, but I was there more for the food than the drinking. The special beer they brewed for the event wasn't very good, and the inside is definitely not designed to be a place to linger (I can't necessarily fault them for that, but still..). Maybe it's better on a normal day.

I went to Schooner EXACT for a Seattle Beer Week event and really enjoyed the smoked ESB they were pouring. It seems like a good place to drink outside on a sunny day, and even the indoor bar gets a lot of light when the doors are open.

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  1. Maritime/Jolly Roger is one to check out. The beer is good and they usually have a couple other renditions of their IPA (dry-hopped and cask) besides the Imperial. The food is really good. I like the lunches better than the dinners (more selection, less expense) due in most part to their sandwiches.

    1. Naked City in Greenwood has some great IPAs, Belgian-style and other types of beers of their own now - along with many many other fine beers and decent food. Check it out! I love the Hoptrocity IPA, myself...

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        Is it just a brewpub, or do they have growler fills and employees who actually know about the brewing process?

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          Their owner and employees are generally very knowledgable beer geeks. It's one of my SO's favs (he's a total beer geek) especially for some of the special things the get on tap.

          Also check out Big Time on the Ave. It's a dive and the food isn't great, but the beers are good. You may also consider the drive out to Rogue in Issaquah, or to Silver City for some good food and excellent beers in Silverdale (I'd recommend this one and don't be put off by the big chain looking restaurant and mall location).

      2. Try out Fremont Brewing's urban beer garden. They set up tables & benches inside the brewery, and on nice days they roll up the delivery door. They also allow dogs & kids! This rates high on my super funky scale.

        Hours of the beer garden are limited, so check their website first.

        1. No love for Elysian? Maybe I'm just biased because they have locations near both where I live and where I work - but I am consistently happy with their beers and the impressive breadth of their options; less so with the food, though it's passable.

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            I like Elysian too, but have found their beers can be inconsistent (as in the same variety can taste pretty different from batch to batch.) I do drink a lot of their ESB (especially when it's on cask) and every fall look forward to the Nite Owl and Great Pumpkin ales.

            I have to give a shout out to Big Al Brewing out of White Center. Great Tripel.