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May 26, 2010 08:50 PM

Rollet Pradier in the 7th?

Anyone have a say?
Top, tops, near the top, much better to be had?
Some of you may guess from whom I picked up the name.
I was mostly unaware of it before.

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  1. Man, never heard of it before. Now I need to try.

    1. Rather toney as you would expect from its Pl. de Palais Bourbon location; near the top for croissant related items, i.e., pain au chocolat.

      1. Reading the website, the rue Bourgogne location appears to be an interesting option for those looking for a private room for an event: 250€ rental (8pm-11:30pm) for the space, 45€ a head for 3 course with amuses + coffee and macarons.

        It is my sense that this is the shop that Julia Child used/praised when she lived around the corner on Rue de Universite.

        1. Always thought it was quite famous...
          I have mixed feelings about the place. Their pastry is really good, very classic. Their religieuses have a lower crust, which I never seen anywhere else. This adds another textural dimension to this pastry. Interesting.

          Their viennese pastry can be good, but I had a few bad experiences. Same goes with their sandwiches, but unless you work around there, I don't see why you would be interested in that.
          I've often found the service to be very cold, borderline stuck-up.

          This is about the shop that is nearest to the Palais Bourbon. Beware of the other one further down the street, I've had really bad things there on two of the three occasions I went. Only reason I went is it's open during August.

          That said, I liked it because it was near my workplace (and boy would I love having such a place nearby now!), but I wouldn't say it's a destination in itself.

          1. Wow, a hole in your database of knowledge, Soup? This is a high point for me. I feel as if I have really done something even if others know it.
            Now, I do not feel obligated to buy dinner.
            Of course, if it sucks, then maybe I am on the hook for double.
            As mentioned by Laidback, the pain au choc was the item of interest to the source from whom I gleaned the name.
            And yes, Soup, you do need to try it since we run parallels, mostly, in taste and preferences. Well, except that you do it with great knowledge and ability. I am a wannabe, homeless man's version of yourself.
            Again, please do not blast me if it is poor. I was merely asking, not recommending.