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May 26, 2010 07:37 PM

BBQ between St. Augustine and Tampa

I have to go fm St Augustine to Tampa and am looking for a good BBQ place to stop for lunch.

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  1. assuming you aren't making the trek during rush hour, be sure to take 95 to I-4 to tampa, I hate going thru the little speed trap towns doing the I-10 to I-75 route. Also right off of I-4 at exit 87ish (Fairbanks) is 4 Rivers Smokehouse, go and get the brisket or the brisket sandwich with cole slaw, some jalapeno peppers and whatever other sides look good that day.

    1. 4 Rivers in Orlando is great. The messy pig sandwich I had there was delicious as were the bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. The sides are okay but the yum factor is mainly the meat and jalapenos

      but in Tampa there is a Texas BBQ place. Jazzy's I haven't been in awhile but it was pretty amazing.

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        I like Jazzy's but I don't think there is anything Texan about it. My vote would be for 4 Rivers as well.

        1. re: CFishman

          Thanks everyone. 4 Rivers looks like it will be just the right location based upon when we're leaving.