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May 26, 2010 07:05 PM

Food Torture

When my husband and I first got engaged he was travelling a lot with work while I was finishing my degree. We both enjoy food and I envied the fantastic food he would be telling me about while I was stuck at home on prac for uni.

But one night he took the gentle teasing to new heights of torture when he told me he would be heading out to a restaurant that I had been dying to go to for years, but never had the opportunity. That night, while I was working, my husband would send intermittant messages with photos attached. The first photo was of his plate as it was brought to the table. The second photo would come soon after, of the plate empty after he had finished. He did this for all courses!

I was stuck between laughing at what he was doing and wanting to cry for what I was missing out on. Thankfully, this weekened just past, he took me out to dinner at this restaurant for my first time. We recalled what he had done to me the last time he was there and he absolutely professes to me that he had no idea I had wanted to go so badly (Yeah, right!). The food was as amazing as I had imagined and it was a wonderful evening, so I thought it was time to forgive to food torture my husband had put my through. Has your SO/friend/family ever put you through a cheeky food incident?

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  1. We joke that my Mom (perpetual dieter) would rather have my Dad tell her he kissed another woman than he had a chocolate chip cookie at lunch...
    Your hubby probably didn't realize the extent of his "torture", thinking he was sharing the experience with you!

    1. I don't know about cheeky . . . clueless, maybe.

      Last year, when my boyfriend and I were both in the cafe business, he had to go to New Orleans. I kind of have this thing for New Orleans, and it was killing me that he was going without me. For weeks before the trip, I said, "I can't BELIEVE you're going to New Orleans without me!" on average, 4.5 times a day.

      He asked me what I would like him to bring back for me. "Something *food*" I said. I asked him to talk to people, to cooks, waiters, busboys and little old ladies getting their weekly grocery shopping done. I wanted him to scour the markets for something local and amazing (a spice mix, a crab boil, a recipe), something specialized and sworn by the people in New Orleans as being important to have in their kitchens.

      He brought me a can of chicory. I looked at the can in his hand, and then at the six pounds of coffee we already had at home, and said, "You brought me . . . coffee?" Please understand, I know the difference between chicory and coffee, but we were both in the business, and had more coffee than we could drink in six weeks times. I thought I was going to get some genuine bit of regional magic. And I got coffee.

      "Well, the can is *very* pretty." I said finally, before I started giggling. He admitted that he had grabbed the can as he had breakfast before his flight home that morning. The Cafe Du Monde really does have nice packaging, though. I keep the can on my desk. It has pens in it.

      1. As silly as it sounds, I have a bit of an addiction to a certain fast food chicken, but there are no locations within 200 miles of where I live. Generally I'd only get to eat it on trips to Vegas. Last year my SO went to Vegas without me and planned to grab the chicken for a quick meal before getting on the plane back. I was so jealous but said "ok, but make sure to bring some back for me!" I spent a week fantasizing about the chicken and was super excited when I went to pick him up at the airport. I mean, I know it wouldn't be as good as fresh, but it's still better than nothing right? Well, you can see where this is going. SO thought I had been joking and didn't bring any back for me. Very disappointing.

        1. Yes, my husband does this to my daughters and me all the time. Just a couple of examples: If he goes to Vegas, he'll tell us at least twice a day he's eating at In n Out Burger. If he goes to Denver, he brags about how he's going to go to our favorite place for Spumoni ice cream. Then when he gets there he'll send us pictures of the food before & after.
          So, so mean!!!!!!

          1. When I was in high school, I loved KFC and we never got it. My mom decided, the day I got four impacted wisdom teeth out, that she'd splurge and get it. It was awful smelling it and not being able to have some.