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Organic you-pick fruit strawberries within 1.5 hours of Philly

I want strawberries. Not a pint, or a quart, but a mountain of strawberries to feed myself and all my friends all we want to eat while they are in season locally. Does anyone know where to find an organic you-pick place?

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      It's great that the pickyourown website exists, but it is poorly designed and one can't search easily by organic, IPM, etc.

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          I was just over that way today. I guess they opened for strawberry season. I was told they were closed permanently.

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            I had thought so, too, but earlier in the spring I got an e-mail detailing their opening for strawberry season. Hoping to get over there this week!

      1. Sugartown u-pick-it farm, 640 Sugartown rd, Malvern. Only +/- 5 miles from King of Prussia. Strawberries are their big thing. The Asparagus was awesome this year. 610-647-0711.

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            Nope, not organic. It's a nice place, and I think the guy is judicious with his chemicals, but he does definitely use them.

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            I second Willow Creek. It's an organic farm with a huge patch of strawberries that are never picked over and were some of the best strawberries of my life when I went to pick there two years ago. It's also super kid-friendly, for the record.

            Linvilla is a great place, but isn't organic, uses a visible amount of pesticides and is always way busier.

            Indian Orchards in Delaware County doesn't do strawberries, but they have beautiful blueberries, plums and blackberries later in the summer

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              I agree with absolutely everything in your post, except that Willow Creek is picked over as of now.

          2. I drove past Springdale Farm in Cherry Hill, NJ yesterday and their marquee advertised "pick your own" strawberries. I have no idea if they adhere to organic farming techniques, although that's a complicated process. I.E - Many farms that don't have organic certification actually use stricter organic rules than those that do in SOME cases.

            But yeah, might be worth looking in to.

            1. I got my mountain of organic strawberries today at Willow Creek. It was great picking - I got about 20 pounds in 2 hours. I had a *fantastic* experience, and highly recommend it to anyone. They are open until June 20th, and are open Mon-Sat as long as there are berries in the field. How fantastic that they actually close if the berries are picked over, and reopen in a couple days when the next wave ripens (so call ahead). Prices are only slightly more than non-organic you-pick places, they don't use the nasty organic fungicide copper sulfate, and the owners were completely available to ask questions and talk about their berries. Go here someday!

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                Great to hear about this. What kind of containers do you recommend? How much do they charge a pound?

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                  The price is lower for more fruit, but I forget the exact breakdown. They offer inexpensive plastic trugs, which we bought & have used for several years now. Absolutely the.most.amazing strawberry picking this year - you could smell the berries before you could see the field - idyllic.

              2. I searched the board for "strawberries" and thought I'd resurrect this thread

                Willow Creek Orchard is no longer... they are now a part of Greener Partners
                the good news is that they will have farmers markets Mid May through December

                and it seems they're still doing "pick your own" and they even have a summer camp for kids (wish they had one for older kids, I'd love to get mine involved)

                Where are you getting your berries this spring/summer?

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                  I was about to resurrect this thread as well, since I'm crazy for strawberries right now! It looks like Wilow Creek's new incarnation is Longview Center Market, and they do say that they're continuing pick-your-own (yay!) but I can't figure out whether they have already opened up. Anyone know?

                    1. re: gfyum

                      I drive by frequently and was frankly surprised to see signs of life. It looks like there are covered beds out in the field and activity in the barn. Anyone know what happened to the young couple who were the original owners? I know they were of the Comcast Smith family who donated that land to the Conservancy.

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                        A few days ago I got a tour of Longview (formerly Willow Creek) and their organic fruit fields. I can't speak about the status of the owners of Willow Creek, but in the transition this year to the non-profit farm Longview, there is not you-pick organic strawberries. They will return next year in full force, and later this season there may be blueberries and other produce for picking and buying. Longview seems like it will be just as great as Willow Creek was when they get their ducks in a row, so check it out next year!

                  1. I hit the skippack farmers market today (they're at the 4-h center now on route 113) and two farmers had pints of local strawberries... and I grabbed two pints from each. Bauders said that next week they'll be selling by the quarts (yay) I didn't even wait to get home, I was grubbing on them straight out of the bag and they're already juicy, sweet, red and delicious!

                    1. Just as an "FYI" to my CH buddies, I was talking to one of the farmers at the Skippack Farmers Market yesterday morning, she said that the high heat we had last week was NOT good for the berry season and what she had out was IT for her... so if you can get your hands on some NOW... do it (I bought four quarts) they were so dark red, they were almost purple! I cleaned, stemmed and froze two of the quarts and immediately regretted not buying at least two or three more to have for the rest of the year! While frozen obviously is not as good as fresh, it's still better than the no-taste watery breeds you get at the grocery store

                      1. resurrecting this post. anyone have any info on any local pick-your-own fruit farm/orchards within 1.5 hrs from Philly? Organic if possible!!

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                          I did some homework on the Eastern PA section of the pick-your-own site (http://www.pickyourown.org/PAeast.htm) and found this farm: http://www.hellericksfarm.com/pyo_str..., which uses integrated pest management practices, which, because organic certification is so expensive, especially for small farms, seems to be about as good as it's going to get. I haven't been (I was firmly devoted to Willow Creek and haven't been back to the Philly area in strawberry season in a couple of years) but it seems like they cover all of the bases. Good luck!

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                            Here is some information on picking stawberris in Bucks County. Note not all these places are integrated pest management or organic, but it is another resource for folks during the short but wonderful local strawberry season that is upon us.


                            1. re: cwdonald

                              Ohh Tabora Farm is haviing their Strawberry Festival this weekend!

                              (guess where I'm going to be?)

                              1. re: cgarner

                                Its a perfect time. I just pick a quart yesterday at the CSA I belong to in Wrightstown. We probably have another week worth of strawberries in this area.

                                Tabora is open 10-4 Sat and Sunday and Strawberries are $3 a lb for upick... Blueberry season begins mid June....

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                            Fifer Orchards in Camden, DE is definitely an hour and a half away, but the strawberries are delicious. They aren't certified organic but their practices are excellent. http://www.fiferorchards.com/about-ou...

                          3. Two actually, Hellerick's just outside Doylestown, and Phillips Farm, a little bit further north, on the other side of river in New Jersey just outside Milford.