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May 26, 2010 06:39 PM

Mexican In Nashvillle/Brentwood

Looking for GOOD Mexican in Nashville, Preferably Brentwood and not a chain. MUST have GREAT Margaritas--even if you have to ask them to customize it. Suggestions? Thanks

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  1. I can’t speak for Brentwood, but I love El Mirador in Nashville. It’s located next to the K&S Market on Nolensville. They only had a beer license the last time I went, not sure if that’s changed since. They’re the kind of place where the Mexican community goes to eat. The real stands out are the molcajete and the house made tortillas.

    I’ve had lots of great meals at Los Arcos further up Nolensville towards the zoo. They have a rather large selection of tequila and the margaritas were always enjoyable. The service was somewhat spotty in recent memory.

    Los Arcos
    3798 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211

    1. I like Rosepepper in East Nashville. I can't speak to their margaritas, but they win the local style paper's annual 'best margarita' contest pretty regularly.

      I wouldn't call it a 'traditional' mexican place. It is tasty, though.

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        Rosepepper is hit or miss. I've been once and wasn't inspired to go back.

        Lots of places in the Nolensville Rd area -- that's where you are going to find authentic Mexican or as close to it as you can get in Nashville. In addition to the places already mentioned, look at La Hacienda and Las Americas. I can't speak to the drinks at either place, though; Las Americas may not even have a liquor license, but it's a real hole-in-the-wall with a loyal following.

        There's a new place in central Nashville called Taco Mamacita that has gotten good buzz, but I haven't been.

        1. re: TLF

          mamcita is not a place I would go for the food if you are looking for authentic mexican. That said it is a great place for drinks especially on a nice day on the patio. Last time I went they still had no beer permit so only margaritas were available of course that was not a problem. Maybe that has changed now.

          1. re: brooky

            I love Rosepepper and their margaritas are amazing (but can get a little expensive if you customize to your liking). They are not super traditional food-wise, but very tasty and have a great patio.

            I didn't care for Mamacita.

            On Gallatin Road (north/east Nashville) is a good little Mexican restaurant called Las Maracas. They have great food and good enough margaritas, especially the top shelf ones.

            In Franklin, Sol is supposed to be good, but I've never been.

      2. las americas on nolensville road is great