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May 26, 2010 05:46 PM

Need Recommendation for Steak Knives (Bridal Registry)

I'm getting married and I'm in the process of registering for gifts at various retailers. What is a well-priced, good quality steak knife set that I can ask for?
Note my emphasis on value. I don't necessarily want to register for the most expensive knives available. I don't want to look like an a**hole by asking for a $400 set. I guess up to $120 for a set of 6 would be ok. I currently use Victorinox Fibrox chefs knives and love them. I'd like to emulate that kind of price/quality/value combination.

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  1. If you love the Victorinox Fibrox, why not stick with that?? For good quality and very pretty knives for gift giving I like Laguiole.

    1. I strongly prefer non-serrated steak knives. Do your Fibrox knives have serrations? If you like that, then fine, But here's a great Victorinox set without serrations:

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        I have a set of these (got them from my wedding registry) and they're fabulous!!! I need to buy a second set. They are wonderful for steak and won't break the bank.