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May 26, 2010 05:14 PM

Rome restaurants in July

We are returning to Rome in July and would appreciate recommendations for great restaurants. We have previously dined at Armando al Pantheon & Tratoria Cadorna (both very enjoyable) but would like to try other simitiar venues - obviously we like Roman food. We are staying just west of Repubblica - a 20 -30 minute walk is fine. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Why not do a simple search? Wealth of past and very recent recs in the geographic area you mention on this board.

    1. At this point you can put your address into the Restaurant search and come up with a list of places that are relatively close. Its more sterile than asking questions but it works to some degree. The restaurant pages have some info and links but do not link to Chowhound discussions unless you click on the link. Dont believe it when it says 0 discussions - that feature has not been activated. There are some restaurants in the database that have not been discussed, probably, but many have been.

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        Thanks, Jen, for providing the link - I have been perusing many restaurants. I had been looking at this site (for days!!) before I posted as I have done a ton of research but want to make a really good eating decision.
        One night we are going to Colline Emiliane. The only other night is the question. Our choices are (& we realize they are not all in the same price bracket) :
        Agata e Romeo
        Armando al Pantheon
        Trattoria Cadorna
        Antico Arco
        Il convivio
        Il Drappo

        If anyone has any #1 choices, we would be appreciative of answers. Or, if our choices are not stellar, please advise and we will be back to the drawing board. As usual, many thanks.

        1. re: jmlh

          Colline Emiliane is good, but not Roman, why do you want to go there? (Since you wrote "we like Roman food"). Drappo also not Roman. As Roman I suggest La Campana and Checchino. Antico Arco is Roman with a modern touch and higher priced and also very recommendable. Armando and Cadorno? you wrote you want new places? Agata and Convivio have both their fans (though at a higher price level). Matricianella is not what it was any more... Imago is more about views and luxury.