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May 26, 2010 03:46 PM

Parma in Fresno

We had a delicious lunch here yesterday. The restaurant uses a blue and yellow color theme reminding us of Provence, very bright and attractive. We have been here for dinner a few times, but never for lunch. It isn't an inexpensive place, but the food quality, service and attention of the owner makes it worth every $. You will not feel taken advantage of here!
I had one of the lunch specials which consisted of pasta three ways; asparagus, ricotta ravioli and linguine Bolognese. All were wonderful sauces with made- fresh- daily pastas. This also came with a very tasty salad. One of the best in town with several greens, radishes, cucumbers and an oil/balsamic dressing. Hubby, who is not a big pasta lover, had a hanger steak and salad. He has enough left for dinner tonight. :)
We wanted to try an Italian wine, though hubby is a collector, he is not really up on the good Italian wines. Elena rushed to our aid to explain and even opened two bottles for us to taste and choose.
For a special occassion or just a delightful meal, remember Parma. We're luckly, it's really close to our house.

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  1. I'm happy to hear you had a nice lunch at Parma.My last two dinning experiences there have been one plus and one minus. The minus was a recent dinner of their rabbit which was extremely overcooked. I realize the rabbit is not the most popular item on the menu but what I was served had no doubt spent a couple of days in a warming drawer. The meal i had on a previous occasion was similiar to your lunch selection and quite good.

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      We had dinner a while back at Erna's Elderberry. We happen to be guests of another couple. The dinner was a set menu with the main being rabbit. It was served much as you describe at Parma. Erna's dinners can cause one to have to refinance the house, so I kept my disappointment to myself. I never would order rabbit in the first place, but this was bad.