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May 26, 2010 03:28 PM

Cookery - "Bread salad??????"

Went to Cookery in Dobbs Ferry for lunch today. I had enjoyed it in the past.
The waiter offered us sparkling water or tap water and we decided that the tap water in Dobbs was fine. He brought a generous portion of warm bread with an olive oil accompaniment to the table which we enjoyed and finished. It was replaced with more right away(terrific!)
the waiter told us of the specials, including an appetizer of Fava beans, smoked cheese and croutons. He told us it was "very delicious" so I ordered it.
My fava bean app came in a small terra cotta bowl with a large spoonful(only spoonful) of ingredients in it. The portion was tiny and very surprising... but not the issue. The ingredients were simply, bread, croutons, a few red onion slices, a few tiny pieces of cheese and perhaps 7 Fava beans sliced length wise as a garnish!
When the waiter came over to ask us if we liked the salad, I told him that it was a "crouton salad with a favabean garnish and that I was disappointing to have the fava beans sliced in half to make it appear that there were more favas than there were( 14 as opposed to 7? still lousy if it was 14- Fava beans lose their crunch and texture when sliced like this)
the waiter (quick thinking) told me that it was a "BREAD SALAD" I laughed and asked him the price for this. He told me it was 11 dollars.I told him that I had eaten plenty of their bread and that I can't imagine anyone ordering an 11 dollar "BREAD SALAD!"
He did the right thing and asked if I wanted something else. I told him that I would like more of the Fava Bean dish with Fava Beans and not bread.
He did bring us more and I was satisfied.I thanked him and told him that what he did was nice. I was joking with my friend about how the fish I ordered may be an "AIR dish with fish garnish?"
I'm not going back- prices are too high, and food is good, Fish was delicious, and I told the waiter how much I was enjoying it. The portions do not warrant the prices, and now my association with the Cookery is BREAD SALAD!

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  1. I clicked on this cause I thought it was Home Cooking. Your $11 salad sounds quite overpriced but I do want you to know that there is such a thing as bread salad. And the Zuni Cafe (SF) one is to die for. Recipe below:

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      My only experience with panzanella was a positive one, and it was more tomato than bread. (not at the Cookery, but also in SF at the Ferry building) ...but Yeshana, I totally understand that you were not expecting that... he should have specified. It's good to hear he fixed the situation instead of giving you a hard time.

      In general, I find the Cookery to be quite reasonable for a night out given the quality of the food.

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        not when it's called Fava Bean app! Never would've ordered a bread salad, although maybe bread puddin at another place! haha.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I've never had lunch at the Cookery, but the many dinners we've had there have been quite reasonable with more than adequate portions--most of their fabulous pastas are priced in the low "teens", and my favorite appetizer there, the homemade ricotta crostini is only $6! I am wondering, do you know what kind of cheese was in your salad? I truly have never felt ripped off at the Cookery--good to hear that your server did the right thing.

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            it was a hard smokey cheese(cut into pencil eraser size cubes. ) I would guess , some type of smoked gouda? the rind was dark brown.. and yummy- just sparsley put into the bread salad as a garnish with the 7 Fava Beans sliced in 2!