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Good restaurant between DC & Baltimore

sas May 26, 2010 03:25 PM

Meeting up with friends from Boston who will be dropping there son off to college in DC . We all love food and great restaurants. Trying to think of someplace between that we could me for dinner we both will be traveling on Sunday so going to DC or Baltimore does not really work. Any suggestions for between??

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  1. Dennis S RE: sas May 26, 2010 06:45 PM

    Open to sichuan? Grace Garden - though it's certainly closer to B-More than DC.

    Grace Garden
    1690 Annapolis Rd Ste A, Odenton, MD 21113

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    1. re: Dennis S
      Steve RE: Dennis S May 26, 2010 07:31 PM

      Grace Garden is an amazing place, hard to believe it exists where it exists. It is a hole-in-the-wall with a serious chef from Hong Kong. While they do have some SIchuan dishes, that is only part of the menu.

      There are some great dishes on the regular menu, plus some of the gold are dishes that need to be ordered in advance.

      Best to take the suggestions from this thread:


      Grace Garden
      1690 Annapolis Rd Ste A, Odenton, MD 21113

      1. re: Steve
        daveinmd RE: Steve May 27, 2010 05:56 AM

        I agree with Grace Garden, but I think it's closed on Sundays.

        Grace Garden
        1690 Annapolis Rd Ste A, Odenton, MD 21113

        1. re: daveinmd
          Steve RE: daveinmd May 27, 2010 06:05 AM

          You're right. Arrrgh.

    2. z
      Zevonista RE: sas May 27, 2010 10:31 AM

      Victoria Gastropub is conveniently located to Rt 95. Good food and an extensive beer selection.

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      1. re: Zevonista
        Hue RE: Zevonista May 28, 2010 05:32 AM

        I'll double up on this suggestion

      2. m
        maddenmd RE: sas May 27, 2010 07:25 PM

        For a really special meal (with prices to match) consider Antrim 1844 or Elkridge Furnace Inn. Both are unusual and have great presentation and service, in addition to wonderful food. For casual consider Hunan Manor in Columbia, with great food, but service is not quite as wonderful.

        The Elkridge Furnace Inn
        5745 Furnace Avenue, Elkridge, MD 21075

        Antrim 1844
        , Taneytown, MD 21787

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        1. re: maddenmd
          bordeauxfan RE: maddenmd May 28, 2010 02:24 AM

          Antrim 1844 is quite nice, but in regards to the OPs request -- it's nowhere near being between DC and Baltimore.

          Antrim 1844
          , Taneytown, MD 21787

        2. d
          dzoey RE: sas May 28, 2010 05:38 AM

          In the Columbia area, Victoria Gastropub is good, as is Iron Bridge wine company, as is Bistro Blanc in Glenelg. Victoria's is better if you're into beer, Iron Bridge if you prefer wine and small plates. Bistro Blanc is further away from I-95, but the food is good and it contains some interesting art inside. It too, has an extensive wine selection.

          For more casual dining, Laurel has Pasta Plus and Red Hot & Blue bar-b-q.

          Pasta Plus Restaurant
          209 Gorman Ave, Laurel, MD 20707

          Bistro Blanc
          3800 Ten Oaks Road, Glenelg, MD 21737

          1. little audrey RE: sas May 28, 2010 06:32 AM

            Pasta Plus (which opens at 4 on Sunday) or Victoria would be my choices.

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