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May 26, 2010 02:53 PM

Gastropub to Watch Flyers Saturday?

Looking for a step up from Chickie's and Pete's. Seems to me most of the gastropubs aren't necessarily about sports games, but looking for a place that has tv's that will have the game on with good food and beers.

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  1. Pub and Kitchen has TVs in the bar, it will be a madhouse on Saturday though, and there aren't that many seats in the bar area.

    1. South Philly Taproom has a few TVs (one large screen, I think).

      Plus, you're only a block away from Broad St, so if you feel the urge to run around with 2,000 other crazed fans after they win you'll be right there.

      1. I always like Devils Den on 11th street for sports, although their food is not stellar. Also watched a game at The Wishing Well, new spot on 9th and Catherine and it was a pretty good spot. Their food is definitely "better" bar food but I did find it to be just slightly overpriced. But hey, it's about the game, right?

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          You could consider going to the Piazza in Northern Liberties. Swift Half is right there, and I assume the outdoor TV at the Piazza will be showing the Flyers game. Great atmosphere.

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            i did swift half for one of the earlier flyers games. got to say, i wasn't a fan. the bar was packed, though a lot of people weren't there for the game and it was hard to get seats with a TV view. once we did settle ourselves into the bar, we found the food less than mediocre. after that we tried el camino real, but they've got music blaring and no sound on the TVs. though i do like the food there.

        2. I totally forgot to mention Brauhaus Schmitz, it's not really a gastropub but the food and beers are very good and they have 2 or 3 big TVs up high in the bar. If you sit on the second level there are a few tables directly across from the TVs, that would be a nice spot to watch the game.

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            Good call! Brauhaus also has been doing either $1 or $2 off liters if you wear your flyers orange on game night. I'm not certain they are carrying that special into the finals but I would check their twitter.

          2. I would second Swift Half. You have two great options there for the game. You can grab a table outside and watch on the 50 ft tv or at the bar or table inside where flatscreens are plentiful. Food is decent and beer selection great.