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Gastropub to Watch Flyers Saturday?

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Looking for a step up from Chickie's and Pete's. Seems to me most of the gastropubs aren't necessarily about sports games, but looking for a place that has tv's that will have the game on with good food and beers.

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  1. Pub and Kitchen has TVs in the bar, it will be a madhouse on Saturday though, and there aren't that many seats in the bar area.

    1. South Philly Taproom has a few TVs (one large screen, I think).

      Plus, you're only a block away from Broad St, so if you feel the urge to run around with 2,000 other crazed fans after they win you'll be right there.

      1. I always like Devils Den on 11th street for sports, although their food is not stellar. Also watched a game at The Wishing Well, new spot on 9th and Catherine and it was a pretty good spot. Their food is definitely "better" bar food but I did find it to be just slightly overpriced. But hey, it's about the game, right?

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          You could consider going to the Piazza in Northern Liberties. Swift Half is right there, and I assume the outdoor TV at the Piazza will be showing the Flyers game. Great atmosphere.

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            i did swift half for one of the earlier flyers games. got to say, i wasn't a fan. the bar was packed, though a lot of people weren't there for the game and it was hard to get seats with a TV view. once we did settle ourselves into the bar, we found the food less than mediocre. after that we tried el camino real, but they've got music blaring and no sound on the TVs. though i do like the food there.

        2. I totally forgot to mention Brauhaus Schmitz, it's not really a gastropub but the food and beers are very good and they have 2 or 3 big TVs up high in the bar. If you sit on the second level there are a few tables directly across from the TVs, that would be a nice spot to watch the game.

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            Good call! Brauhaus also has been doing either $1 or $2 off liters if you wear your flyers orange on game night. I'm not certain they are carrying that special into the finals but I would check their twitter.

          2. I would second Swift Half. You have two great options there for the game. You can grab a table outside and watch on the 50 ft tv or at the bar or table inside where flatscreens are plentiful. Food is decent and beer selection great.

            1. Try Ladder 15, which is a sports bar at heart but now has David Ansill serving high quality grub.

              1. Memphis Taproom will certainly have the game on at the bar. Excellent food and beers.

                1. i've been splitting my time lately between chickie's and pete's and charlie's pub in old city for the flyers games. chickie's and pete's gets old fast, to put it nicely, though i do have to say it's one of the few places in this city this former marylander can get blue crabs done baltimore-style.

                  charlie's has expanded the menu massively from what i can recall a few years ago, and the crowd for the flyers games is great up in the bar area. the TVs are very nice and they're one of the few pubs i've found that broadcasts the sound as well. you have to get there eeeearly though. and i'm a big fan of the "toasted" (read: deep fried) pita points that come with the spinach and artichoke dip. good fish tacos, too. i definitely recommend charlie's, having traipsed all over town to find a flyers-friendly crowd and bar with good food. 3rd and arch. i'll be there for most of the upcoming games, though i think i'm gonna try memphis taproom this saturday since i'm heading to a show at johnny brenda's immediately after.

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                    flyers viewing update: visited the memphis taproom in fishtown or port fishington or whatever you wanna call it and o'neals at 3rd and south. memphis taproom: unassuming place, good food, good beer, good prices, good bartender... one television. cool joint, but i think it's a place i'd rather head for drinks and food alone. the couple at the bar next to us left just before the puck was dropped, saying they were heading to atlantis, citing a much bigger flyers crowd. i've never been.

                    o'neals: spent the last two games here. great (passionate about hockey and beer!) bartender. food... well, it's bar food. it ain't gastropub food by philly's increasingly tough standards. but the beer (by the bottle) list is nice and the specials are good.

                    admittedly... their crab fries are overrated for sure (though sometimes a guilty pleasure), but i'm kinda craving chickie's and pete's for their blue crabs. a hard thing to come by in this city, and when they get a good batch in, even though they're still the regular size and not the jumbos, they are really goooood. yeah, i said it. :) the beer selection isn't great but i'm no snob; i can cope... it's the crowd there i'm not sure i can handle. i can't make friday or sunday's game, but should the series continue into next week i think i'm gonna have to make a south philly run.

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                      not really an answer, but i find it hard to combine good food and important game at the same place. part of this is me - i get so hyped up i barely chew, and just scarf down whatever's in front of me - but part is the nature of the event. if it's a good place to watch a game, it'll often be packed for an important game, you might not be sitting, if you're at the bar you'll have people crowding around you trying to get drinks - all of which is great, if you want to watch the game, high-five people, and generally get excited. if you want to focus on your food, not so much.

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                        ah, tis why i order my food with five minutes left in the period, so it shows up right at the start of intermission! also, with most of the bars i've mentioned in this thread, this late in the series you need to show up AT LEAST an hour prior to the game if you actually want a seat at the bar to be able to eat.

                        go flyers! :)

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                        I LOVE O'Neal's. It's a great spot for when you just want cheap beer, basic (and above-average) bar food, and a ton of TVs. Their back patio is one of the best outdoor spots in the city.

                    2. You should look into the Miller Ale House on the blv in the NE. Its not a gastropub, but its an amazing place to watch any sport. Plasmas abound, and a pretty good beer selection. Food is decent.