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May 26, 2010 01:49 PM

New Mistral

Anyone have opinions about the new Mistral Kitchen? My husband and I are planning a celebration dinner for the 2 of us to celebrate a graduation of sorts. We had originally planned to go to Corson Building and gotten a reservation, but they evidently have a special event for that night. We now have to figure out plan B. We love Crush and it tends to be our go-to for special dinners, but I was thinking of branching out ot the tasting menu at the Jewel Box at Mistral. Anyone have reviews? Any other ideas? We are happy to spend a chunk of money if necessary, like good service, but good, thoughtful food is our most important requirement. A festive atmosphere is a plus as well.

Mistral Kitchen
2020 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

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  1. I've only gone once but am really looking forward to going back again. The hamachi crudo was amazing. The oysters are terrific. The halibut was cooked to an ideal level.

    I could possibly see some people having issues with the level of salt used (they have a huge variety of specialty salts at their disposal) but it worked well for me.

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      I recently vistied Mistral Kitchen and recommend it very highly. There is a well-curated selection of inventive cocktails; the Laphroig smoke element coupled with the ginger liqeuer in the Dragonfly Julep was superb. The oysters with chef's accompaniments were delighful, enhancing but not overwhelming the natural brine of the mollusks. I took special note of the judiciously dressed simple green salad with blanched haricots vert. The current menu doesn't reflect the duck and lamb entrees we had but both were excellent. Wine selection balanced local and European wines at reasonable rates.

      Having never been to the original Mistral, the potent combination craft cocktails and perfectly prepared seasonal fare Kitchen reminds me somewhat of one of my favorite current restaurants, Portland's Beaker & Flask (though Beaker's more modest prices make it an almost laughable value). I think MK achieves its website mission statement by allowing for everything from a red letter visit to a higher-end happy hour. And for a special occaision--provided you don't do the "jewel box"--it is still possible to spend somewhat less than you would for Crush, and far less than Rover's or Canlis.

      P.s. I snagged an apple when I walked out. Hope that's legit.

      Canlis Restaurant
      2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

      Mistral Kitchen
      2020 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

    2. I would go to Spinasse. With the new chef, they are one of the most exciting restaurants in town right now IMO. I ate at the new Mistral a few months ago and it was a huge disappointment compared to the old location. First off it was more or less empty the entire night, never a good sign. Next, my only memory was one of the dishes was a ribeye steak with morels. It had to be one of the worst steaks ever. Like out of a roadside diner. And the morels were aweful as well, like they were never even washed before they hit the pan given the soily taste. I was big fan of the old Mistral so maybe we just went on an off night.

      Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

      1. I have been twice and loved it. I think I wrote about it in the thread called Openings and Closings. It definitely had a very soft opening and took a while to get up to speed, so very early visitors I have read were disappointed.