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May 26, 2010 01:48 PM

Groton, Littleton, Ayer, Great sandwiches, ice cream, veggie friendly ok, Sunday

Any great sandich/salad type place in the Groton, Littleton, Ayer area that would be open on this Sunday early afternoon? Although we are not vegetarian, veggie options are ok too..We had found a place in Acton about 6 weeks ago from a rec on this board, but will only be going as far as Littleton this time, to the Bonsai nursery open house..We like Filhos in Groton but they dont open util 4 pm on Sundays. Also, some suggestions for some great ice cream would be in order as well, we are aware of Doc Davis in Pepperell and Kimballs in Littleton, any other local spots? The food and the ice cream dont have to be at the same location...

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  1. Thirty-One Main - - on Main Street in Ayer is a pretty good spot to eat. Cuisine is on par with Filho's although it's more American Bistro than Italian like Filho's.

    As far as ice cream - Johnson's Drive In on 119 in Groton is a great ice cream stand and also has lunch and dinner plates.

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      Nice, thank you, i havent been to Ayer in years! Iam familiar with Johnsons, but wasnt sure of their ice cream!

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        We ended up stopping at Johnsons for late afternoon lunches as well as ice cream, we had stayed way longer than expected at the Bonsai nursery in Littleton. we both had fish sandwiches, i had Pistachio ice cream and the OP had Hawaiian Supreme ice cream, the fish sandwiches were good, the ice cream excellent. if anyone were interested in Fried clams and that type of stuff i saw some good sized portions of those going by our table as well.