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May 26, 2010 01:44 PM

Anything decent at Crustacean

I have a client dinner at Crustacean tonight. I know most of the board hates the place, but are there any good items on their menu?

A different restaurant is not an option.

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  1. I know lots of foodies on here hate this place, but I like and appreciate it for what it is. Whenever I go, I get the garlic crab and garlic noodles. Since you are going to dinner with a client, you may want to skip the crab, but you can get the shrimp, which is prepared the same way. The garlic noodles can be hit and miss sometimes, but still get it because when it is good. . .it is really good.

    I also like the appetizer that is a crab purse with a peanut-like sauce. Cannot remember the name. . .

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    1. I would eat light.

      Go with something like the lobster or crab salad and maybe pair it with one of their udon noodle dishes. This way you don't come off as off-putting by refusing to ingest their vile wares, but still not waste a ton of calories on totally wicked sh1t like the garlic noodles.

      1. How did the Crustacean dinner go?

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          I actually was very surprised after all the criticism, because the food was was pretty good. Three of us shared a mixed appetizer platter that had some skewers and dumplings, a lobster salad that was tasty and not overly dressed, a mixed seafood dish with shrimp, crawfish, crab, and mussels in lobster sauce over garlic noodles, and the garlic crab. I'm not sure I would go back at those price points, when I can go to San Gabriel Valley or even get crab in Northridge at A&W Seafood, but it was a good meal and my client really loved the place.

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            I (we) love Crustaceans even though a lot of chowhounders don't. We only go there for special occasions even though the prices are a little high and the food is better than OK. What do you expect...we're in Beverly Hills? We always order the Dungeness crabs (one per person) along with their garlic noodles as the main course. For appetizers, the assorted plate with different tidbits are good starters and also their sashimi are very tasty. We always start off with their seafood salad topped with huge shrimps on a bed of crisp greens and end with some fancy custom dessert created by their dessert chef. I tell people that Crustaceans makes the best margaritas, and that is a very high compliment especially coming from me.