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May 26, 2010 01:35 PM

Manchester, Vt. take out, prepared possibly veggie friendly...

I will be visiting some elder friends of mine in Manchester, Vt this summer and am thinking a take out meal may be approprite for one on the lunches or dinners while iam there..Iam kind of a "meat and potaotes" kind of a guy, although it doesnt have to be "meat and potatoes; as a matter of fact, veggies options are least for me. iam looking for good food, good value, from some sort of "down home" local place, kinda funky is ok too... From what ive heard of Manchester in the last few years, it seems like it has gotten pretty upscale. i would also be interested in any really fabulous bakerys in Manchester that might have really good breakfast pasteries etc..? Recs? Suggestions? Stay away froms? etc...

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  1. Try the Lawyer and the Baker, on Rt. 30 across from the Northshire Bookstore. Excellent lunches, to go or not, and wonderful pastries. I've also had some good lunches at the Gourmet Cafe, which is in a plaza on Rt. 7, just north of the intersection of Rt. 30.

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      Thanks for the tip, i remember the Northshire Bookstore from the last time iwas in Manchester, i certainly will attempt to try both of these establishments! I will be going towards the end of June..

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        Starting today, on Thursdays, from 3-6, there is a good farmers market in Manchester. It used to be at the Rec. Park but is now downtown, on Rt. 7A, north of the intersection of Rt. 30, across from Candeleros Restaurant. There are usually some prepared foods there, including a vendor selling asian/korean food. You can also get good cheese, bread, veggies and sweets.

        5103 Main St, Manchester Center, VT 05255

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          Nice, i think i will be going mid week so this may work really well!

    2. There's an amazing Italian shop Al Ducci's Italian Pantry on Elm St. I alway stop there to pick up their homemade mozzarella and breads--among other things--when I am visiting friends in the area. Northshire is still fantastic!

      Al Ducci's Italian Pantry
      PO Box 1288, Manchester Center, VT 05255

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        Ummm, maybe i can pick up somg "ggodies" for the ride home,,,thanks!