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May 26, 2010 01:24 PM

Richmond dim sum - Friday or Sunday afternoon

Hey hounders -

Will be heading across the border to visit folks in Vancouver on Friday, heading home on Sunday. Want to make a stop in Richmond for great dim sum either on the way there (lunch Friday) or way back (mid afternoon Sunday). I've searched the board and lots of places are mentioned but looking for a place that will be easy to get to, no long lines (have a preschooler with me) and will be open those dates/times.

Suggestions appreciated! I am fine with either cart or menu service and any price range. What ever is best!

Also, any good bubble tea recs (using real tea not powder) greatly appreciated!


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  1. Hi,

    Is Richmond the dealbreaker? Or would you consider downtown Vancouver because right down Pacific and down along Alberni is an awesome place for dim sum. No carts though. You order by menu and they make to order.

    1. Dim Sum is a mid-morning to early-afternoon thing here so go on the Friday for lunch. The Jade, Sea Harbour, Fisherman's Terrace, Empire Chinese. On the way back, you can check out one of the Shanghai restaurants for Shanghai "dim sum"...I think Suhang on Acroyd is open mid-afternoon on Sunday (phone first ).

      Bubble Tea in Richmond - Pearl Castle is the usual recommendation. I like Gogo Tea - mainly for the cool second floor space that they have.

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      1. re: fmed

        gogo tea? is that where the servers(ie waitress) used to dress 'funky' Japanese outfits>? :-D .
        Well Tea would be another one i can add to the list. Possibly Tri-ty ..

        i agree with the dim sum recommendation. careful with sea harbour, can be hit or miss depends what you order.
        Empire Seafood(go to the Alexander location) won in the dimsum category. Red Star came is second, but the Richmond location is not as good as the other recommendations here.
        My last visit for dim sum at Jade was memorable. try their two winning dish(they won 4 awards) there, the grandpa's smoked chicken and nutty taro roll.
        Fisherman Terrace has one of the widest selection of dim sum items. You can find almost anything you want here. I like the FRIED sticky rice.

        push carts are a thing of the past. prob more a novelty now. you really want to order off the menu and get freshly cooked food, serve hot. temperature and texture are important to good dim sum.

      2. A few more options for you to consider in Richmond not mentioned above:

        HKYK Seafood Hotpot (#3 Road, east side just south of Cambie Road)

        Gingeri (inside Lansdowne Mall) - maybe be even more suitable with a pre-schooler in tow, as there's a Toys 'R Us there if the pre-schooler gets restless and needs a distraction. Gingeri is definitely pricier, 'tho.

        Northern Delicacy Restaurant (inside Aberdeen Mall) - again a good potential place for young 'uns as it's in a mall so they can run around when they get restless and bored from sitting with the adults at the table. Like Fmed suggested, this will be northern/Shanghai style dim sum.