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May 26, 2010 01:23 PM

New Lao-Thai in Roosevelt?

Anyone have the goods on a new-ish restaurant with signage indicating "Lao-Thai" located on Roosevelt somewhere b/w 65th and Ravenna?

I am uncertain about the exact location or proper name, I just drove by once and it looked interesting. My internet searches are not turning up anything.


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  1. I haven't been there, but the website (which is just a single "coming soon" page) is at

    It's in the old Blue Onion Bistro space, which looks like it used to be a gas station.

    Blue Onion Bistro
    5801 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

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    1. re: chococat

      I walked by this location a few weeks ago, and it looked like the interior of the 'gas statoin' was being heavily stripped and remodeled. Couldn't tell at the time what was going into the space, but I will check it out again in a week or two to see how it is coming along.

    2. It's not open yet. On Roosevelt near Taste of India. I drive by there frequently and will definitely be checking it out when it opens.

      Incidentally, there's a little corner bodega at 55th and Roosevelt that sells pretty good homemade tamales and arepas, and they've also got this garlicky green sauce that is really incredible.

      Taste of India
      5517 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

      1. If anyone finds out when the place is open, please post to the thread. I am dying to try it out!!!

        FYI if you want to try a Thai/Lao restaurant there is one call Thai Palms. Despite the name, they do have traditional Lao dishes incorporated into the menu.

        Thai Palms
        6715 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Seattle, WA

        1. drove by today; exact location is 58th and roosevelt on the northwest corner.

          not open yet, but making progress from last time i drove by a month ago.

          they have a nice patio set up out front with some wood fences blocking out the traffic. i saw two grills in the patio, maybe they will be grilling outside at some point?

          1. The original comment has been removed