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May 26, 2010 12:58 PM

Sardegna/Sardinia for 4 days - Restaurant suggestions?

Ciao Foodies,

I am staying in Sardegna for 3 days this summer, and wanted to get a survey of favorite/must eat at restaurants. I am on a budget, that is for sure, but don't mind spending a little more for a great meal! Any suggestions??

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    1. What part of the country? I suggest including at least one agriturismo for the real Sardinian experience. We were there on a music trip a few years back, and really thought Calavrina ( to be one of the food highlighst of the trip. Not only did they raise their own animals and veg, but also had a pecorino dairy, winery, brandy and pretty much everything else.

      We also enjoyed our stay at Su Gologone which has an excellent restaurant. This is a lovely country resort in the mountains.

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        Hi...finding it surprisingly hard to find good data on Sardinian eating. We're leaving in two weeks for the east coast just north of Tortoli, a place called Lotzorai. If anyone has any suggestions within say 100km, I'm all ears...thanks!

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          Have you got a copy of Fred Plotkin's guide to Italy for the Gourmet Traveler? Amazon will deliver one before you go. He has advice for that area, and finds much to praise in the wine and the food of the region.

          Another far lesser resource for tracking down information about Sardinia is the British press -- although I readily admit I am gut-wary of following their food recommendations. But sometimes google searches for "guardian uk sardinia food" will get you an archived travel article. Likewise for "times uk online sardinia food" or "independent uk.... etc."

          Lastly, there are Sardinians and other lovers of the island who blog and put up websites in praise of authentic Sardinian cuisine and wines. By googling for such information, including recipes, you'll know what to be on the lookout for. For example,

          And for what it's worth:

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            hey barberinibee, thanks for the great advice. just ordered plotkin's book. i'm also a bit wary of the UK press, so thanks for reminding me about blog hunting. I'd done some work on that a few weeks ago but didn't turn up anything thanks!