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May 26, 2010 12:29 PM

Naples Bakery?

Are there any great bakeries in Naples for breakfast goodies? We are visiting this weekend and would love to pick-up some breakfast items before our day at the beach.


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  1. If you like very good quality French pastries, breads, desserts, etc, French Bread Oven on the East Trail is your spot. They serve families as well as high end restaurants with their very affordable delights.

    Tony's Off Third has a good baker. Her variety is a lot smaller than FBO.

    There's also Calistoga, Wynn's, Panera as well. I'ved not had a complaint about any of them. If you are in North Naples, Mikkelson's is very good.

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      The French bread folks are at The Old Naples Farmers Market Sat mornings If you’re looking for some outstanding stuffed bread for later in the day you will find those as well. You will also find homemade cold soups and someone selling cups of fresh fruit salad. This is year round, Sat mornings; they close around 11:30. They are in the parking lot behind Tommy Bahamas on 3rd Steet South, look for the signs.

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        Hi Newt,

        Great suggestions for a Saturday morning.

        Welcome to Chowhound!

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        Just a quick second for the French Bread Oven. Their "pain du chocolat" is divine!