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May 26, 2010 12:12 PM

good budget eats savannah, memorial day

I'm moving from florida to Philly...driving and staying overnight in savannah. I am planning to visit Wilkes house on tuesday (6-1), however I am in need of food and stuff to do on memorial day (5-31). Any recommendations?

I called sweet potato and they're closed on memorial day. Anything else decently cheap yet worthwhile? i'm looking at 10-15/lunch, $20 max for dinner. Any other nice cool places that I can visit? savannah bee company?

Its sad that i've lived in atlanta for 7 years and never drove down to savannah...and now i have to do it in a day...

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  1. Crystal Beer Parlor is the oldest restaurant in Savannah. You can get filled up for under $20.00 I think. Have fun. They are open on Monday.

    Crystal Beer Parlor @ 301 West Jones St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 231 - 0999. *

    1. Mrs. Wilkes is very popular. I am glad you will be eating there. My family always enjoyed time spent around River Street where there are shops and restaurants and a view of the river. We liked the candy shop and The River House very much.
      I hope you will wear comfortable shoes because walking around Savannah is a wonderful experience in itself and costs nothing!
      I always encourage others to visit Beaufort, gan911. It is so perfectly Southern and beautiful and historic and is also very walkable. Panini's there is an affordable choice with seating outside with a view of the river and marina.
      You are going to adore Philadelphia! I think of all the places I have been, Philadelphia and that Lowcountry area, especially Beaufort, are my favorites. The Delaware beaches are not bad though! Good luck to you!

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        thanks for all the suggestions, definitely will try some places in savannah out!