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May 26, 2010 11:43 AM

Pat Riley at Amuse (in the beaches)??

Was checking out the website for Amuse in the beaches and they have a new menu and Pat Riley is now their chef. Has anyone been since the change?

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  1. Wow, I was wondering when he was going to resurface! I really enjoyed his cooking at Perigee back in the day...maybe it'll be worth a trip out to the Beaches soon :)

    1. I just perused the menu. Wow! Finally a menu that's more than just buzz words strung together. The dishes are both sensible and exciting. The fact that they've wisely chosen to concentrate talent by being open for dinner only 5 nights a week only is brilliant and very considerate of the diners. I can't wait to check it out.

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      1. re: Googs

        That menu does look good, although the off the beaten path items aren't really that adventurous. Just curious, can you give an example of a menu that is just buzz words strung together?

        1. re: jamesm

          Pick any one of the goat cheese, foie gras, berkshire pork, wagyu beef, local, seasonal, artisanal, authentic offenders. Line 'em all up and shoot 'em I say,

          Case in point:

          I've never heard such horse hockey to describe chicken and grits with mash and greens. The tuna prep in the app's, oh pardon me, FIRST's is unspeakable. At least I wish they'd shut up.

          1. re: jamesm

            not sure if i overlooked it before or if it's a new addition to the website, but now they have a page for their "upcoming menu".... it's not as off the beaten path as i was hoping for, but still a huge step forward for what is currently there

            lots of off cuts and offal (tongue, sweetbreads, and neck) ... was on the fence before but now i'm excited and might check it out sooner than later.

        2. I called today hoping to sit at "Pat's Table" which overlooks the kitchen and is a real one-on-one with the chef, available Tuesday to Thursday. Sadly I needed a reservation at 8pm owing to my wife's work schedule, and they close too early to do a tasting menu at that time, 7:30 was as late as they could give me. Hopefully soon I can manage it - Chef Riley hopped on the phone to explain that "Pat's Table" could be tastes of items from the menu, and/or previews of dishes he is testing for future menus, and/or stuff he's inspired to make from his daily market visit. It sounds awesome, and I think any fan of his cooking from Perigee should grab the opportunity while it's there.

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          1. re: childofthestorm

            Any idea number of courses for the tasting menu and the cost? Perigee was over $120 for 8-9 courses?! How about corkage for BYOB?

            1. re: Charles Yu

              They were kind of vague about number of courses, and just said the tasting menu "starts" at $60 per person. I tried pressing the issue, but Pat basically said, this would be a conversation between us during the night, so I figure it's like a Japanese omakase, better watch the meter running! Still, gotta figure even if you go all out and creep $20-$40 over the $60 baseline, it's still great value to be one-on-one with Chef Riley.

              I didn't ask about corkage since my wine cellar consists of a couple of $15 bottles at the bottom of my pantry.

          2. ooooh! Pat's Table! Me wants. Thanks for the heads-up!

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            1. re: jlunar

              me wants too! before the end of this summer hopefully

              1. re: shekamoo

                the upcoming menu looks amazing. the 3 meals i had at perigee were among my top 10 in the city...

            2. Still haven't gone .. but 3 people from my work went together and the reviews were good. I think reading this thread, and upon hearing their reviews, I'll put it on my to-do list this summer.