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May 26, 2010 11:38 AM

Fiesta Grill - Great new JH Philippino

I finally tried Fiesta Grill - located on Roosevelt Avenue at 69th Street in Jackson Heights -- last night. What a GREAT little place. It's been open about 6 weeks and draws a steady crowd every night (haven't been by at lunch). I know it sounds like another Mexican offering, but it is solidly Phillipino. Typical toro-toro (point and serve cafeteria style). What did I like about it?

- Not fancy, but new, clean, lots of positive energy
- Price-wise a real bargain: $3.95 for rice or noodles and 1 side; $5.95 for rice or noodles and 2 sides
- Solid food: about fifteen sides spanning all the Phillipino basics; I had delicious servings of kare-kare (oxtail in peanut sauce) and menudo (sort of a pork stew) with a helping of traditional pancit noodles
-Staff are super friendly and very helpful with choices (I am not much of a Phil'no food expert) and are fluent in English

Imagine a busier, more upbeat version of Java Village with Philippino food instead, you'll get the idea.

Java Village
86-10 Justice Ave, Queens, NY 11373

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  1. just read this review also:

    sounds like this place could give Fritzie's Bake Shop some come competition; similar turo-turo place with similar prices; I haven't been to either but been curious about both.

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    1. re: bigjeff

      I love this place. Unfortunately, it blows fritzie's out of the water with sheer quantity. Fritz DOES do some things well, but there's just so much at FG. it's right next to fritz and renee's actually. And there is a bit of a price war going on between the two. Fritz used to be 7.50, I believe. Now it's 5.50 for 2 dishes.

      Fiesta grill gets very busy during lunch. last time I went we had to wait for a table at 1pm in the middle of the week.

      And there are at least 2 new filipino restaurants coming within the next couple of months. it's exciting that the filipino movement is happening now more than ever.

      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        I agree, I enjoyed my experience here much more than the few times I have tried Fritzie's (and it's literally right next door). Food is better, portions bigger, and staff a lot friendlier.

    2. The Fiesta Grill in Jersey City is virtually identical. I like Fritzie's. FG was too crowded a few weeks ago. Elvie's and Bayan Cafe in Manhattan have closed and were ripoffs anyway. Some turo turo's in Queens are welcome.

      I consider the pancit to be a big upgrade to rice. Fritzie's should take notice.

      Fritzie's has that cooked pig sitting on the table behind the counter.

      Fiesta Grill
      69-12 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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      1. re: MahatmaKanejeeves

        yes, you can buy it by the pound. it seems a little expensive though. i think it was like 15 a lb.