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May 26, 2010 11:34 AM

Eating at Heathrow (Terminal 5) [London]

I'm going to have a three hour layover at Heathrow in route to Italy. Three hours isn't enough time to leave the airport (especially with the long wait at passport control).

So I am looking for good food in the terminal (Terminal 5). I realize that good food and airports don't typically go together. However, I figured I'd have much better luck by getting recommendations here rather than stopping at any random restaurant.


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  1. This website lists all the options at T5. If anything sounds appealing, you can always check it out with us to get a personal opinion. There are lots of choices, but to be honest, I found the places at T5 a bit disappointing. Many feel the Gordon Ramsay place is overpriced and not very good.

    It's not that I've been to T5 that many times, but I write about terminals as part of my job. :-) Many other airports in the world are a lot more interesting when it comes to food!

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        1. Do you have to go through security again if you go into the restaurant? I have a feeling one couldn't just walk back into the secured part of the terminal after eating there, but I really don't know. Anyone could just eat and then come in with their bomb.

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          1. Fishcakes at Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food!