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May 26, 2010 11:18 AM

Nostalgie Bistro in Rockville - Opinions?

Has anyone dined at the Nostalgie Bistro in Rockville's King Farm community?

An interesting Russian menu.


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  1. Had never heard of this place, but it was reviewed in today's Gazette.

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      You can't tell they didn't like it; not because they actually said anything BAD about it but because they didn't talk about the food at all.

      That's as close as the Gazette comes to panning a place.

    2. was offering a $25 gift certificate for $2 a few weeks ago, so we bit. If we had to pay full price for our meal, we would've been peeved. The service was, well, strange. When we arrived, the restaurant was empty except for another couple and a few guys at the bar. After a while, the owner approached and apologized for the delay, informing us that the restaurant was very busy! It was all downhill after that. Husband ordered vodka from a very extensive list, but it was watered down. Good thing it was half price. After drinks, a couple of slices of packaged black and white rye bread were brought out. Husband had the beef stroganoff on top of limp packaged fusille noodles, which was eh. I had the pork, beef, and chicken kabobs, which clearly had not been marinated or seasoned. They were accompanied by frozen fries. The waitress was young and inexperienced. Never again! Maybe the thing to do, as the Gazette critic said (I use the term "critic" loosely, since she is not a critic, she's a describer of foods) is to order the appetizers and leave the rest alone. From our one experience, we won't return. The location in King Farm is the kiss of death; it's a revolving door of ethnic restaurants. Too bad, because King Farm needs more authentic eateries.

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        Passed by Nostalgie Bistro this past weekend, and it is closed. A burger restaurant has taken its place. No surprise there; this location spells death to restaurants, but in this case, it was deserved.

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          1. My friends visited this restaurant, and (for some reason) they recommended it. Without trying first, I decided to bring my family there. It was the biggest mistake. The restaurant IS A JOKE!!!
            When we entered, nobody approached us. There were 2 or 3 waitresses that were doing nothing. They were staring on us without any actions (awkward)! After some time I decided to ask if somebody was going to approach to us or we should have left. Then we got some attention. We met our other friends there and wanted to sit together. Our waitress has nothing against it. Tables had to be brought together. No actions were in place. I had to do tables moving on my own. I don't mind doing this. But the place that charges from $9 to $12 dollars for a salad should probably have a "little" bit better service. When we settled down, we started ordering. Coming from Ukraine, we knew how the Russian food tasted. So, we were expecting to get sense of Russian food to fulfill our nostalgia. We were completely wrong. Pretty much each dish was made horribly. The taste was nothing like Russian food.
            The restaurant even managed to spoil the salad Olivie (favorite Russian dish even it was originally made in France).
            Russian Blinchiki were made such badly we could not even recognize them; the taste and look were completely out of the range.
            I like eggplant. I thought there was no way to screw any dish that has eggplant, BUT, the “Nostalgie” had successfully accomplished it. I was very-very disappointed.
            The "Nostalgie" salad (the brand salad which supposed to be the Best) was just a JOKE. Usually it included cilantro, but I could not eat cilantro, so, I asked to make this salad without cilantro. I was expecting something interesting. And.............. here is what I got: a small plate with big chunks of tomatoes with big chunks of cucumber topped with goat cheese and a couple olives. I hardly fell any dressing. It was a very bad parody on a Greek Salad. And the charge was $9. I fell robbed!
            The entry dishes were BAD as well. The pork schnitzel was as shoe bottom, the fillet Mignon was too salty (but cooked to the order, may be a have to give the restaurant a little credit here) while the home fried potatoes were half cooked and tasted not like any Russian home cook would make it.
            At the end we were recommended to try the 'Napoleon' desert. It was another JOKE. Usually the Russian style Napoleon cake has enough cream to make it tender and sweet. At this place it was just opposite: a little cream, no sweet, and quite dry.
            Overall the prices were very high, and they had nothing to do with the quality of the food.