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Other possible uses for rice cooker?

I have a small rice cooker, which makes pretty decent rice, but there must be some other ways to use it. Any suggestions?

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      1. re: icecone

        Baking? How and what? Seems odd, but definitely interesting

        1. re: hlbones

          Same as baking with a slow cooker, IF the rice cooker is capable of doing more than boil water.

      2. I use it to reheat Tamales

        1. Cook other grains. I'm currently in love with farro - soak it for a while first, add more water than you would for rice, and it's fabulous.

            1. re: amyzan

              I always recommend that book, too, though all I've ever used it for is cooking other grains. But, they also tell you how to steam dumplings, vegetables, legumes and puddings in the rice cooker. Also, soup and chili. I always mean to try it, but never seem to.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                Like you, DQ, I have the book and sometimes peruse it looking for other things to cook in my rice cooker. But in about the 3 years that I have had both the rice cooker and the book, I have never made anything else other than rice! I'm not complaining since I love the rice that it makes (both brown and "sushi" rice). One of these days I will try something else.

              2. re: amyzan

                I second the recomendation on the book. I gave a Zoji rice cooker to my daughter for her birthday, and included the book. The non-recipe beginning is definately worth taking the time to read, even though it's pretty long. Then armed with all of that info, you have the confidence to try anything! If I were you, I'd go on Amazon & search in books for "rice cooker". There are lots of books out there, especially ones geared to someone using their rice cooker as their primary cooking implement (like a college student), and trying to get people to think of the rice cooker as something other than a one-trick pony.

                My hubby is addicted to steel-cut oatmeal. He makes it almost evbery morning on the porridge setting. He is even talking about taking the cooker with him when he goes to North Carolina on his annual fishing trip thisa Fall & making oatmeal and a rice/veggie pilaf for "the boys". We'll also work on a risotto recipe. Not sure I trust him with my precious Zoji, though.......

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                  I got a Cuckoo rice cooker a few weeks ago & have been doing steel-cut oatmeal in it, too. 1 cup of oatmeal, 3 cups of water, on the porridge setting.

                  The cooker came with a recipe book that, alas, was only written in Korean. I asked a firend to translate a couple of recipes and based on that, tried to cook a small piece of chuck in it...it came out great. ~1 lb braising steak, a little soy sauce, garlic, sugar and beef broth for an hour on the multi-cook setting. YUM.

              3. you can make really easy stews or chili in it.

                1. Cook potatoes for mashed potatoes. It holds them at perfect temperature w/out overcooking so all you have to do is mash when ready.

                  1. Soup
                    Steaming veggies (incl. corn and potatoes)

                    Many more ideas from a free recipe book by Panansonic. Enjoy.

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                      I was looking through this recipe book and find it interesting that there is a recipe for chicken marsala made in a rice cooker. Not sure why someone would make chicken marsala in a rice cooker unless you did not have a stove! Same goes for shrimp in garlic sauce...

                      1. re: valerie

                        Many, many college students living in dorms only have a rice cooker (and maybe a hot plate). So there are people who do not have stoves, but do have a simple rice cooker. Hence these recipes.

                    2. I have discovered a wonderful new book called "Rice Cooker Meals" by Neal Bertrand that can be ordered through Amazon for under $10. Order a couple more books and it ships free. I've been making these great recipes for the past couple of weeks and have enjoyed every one of them. It's an easy way to cook and certainly expands the capability of your rice cooker. Good luck and have fun with these. They're spicy, so if you don't like heat, you can alter the recipes. You can also go to Neal's website www.RiceCookerMeals.com to get more information.