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Smokehouse Restaurant to open in Georgetown

Just noticed a sign in a storefront, right on Guelph St, across from Superstore and Christ the King Catholic SS that Georgetown is getting a Smokehouse style restaurant. It is called Hungry Hollow Smokehouse. The sign says opening soon, and I have seen advertisements for hiring staff.

Their website indicates "Come Experience traditional Southern BBQ'd favourites that are smoked low and slow over mesquite wood coals".

I will keep you posted on details/opening.

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  1. The amount of Southern BBQ places opening around the GTA / Golden Horseshoe is astounding. I'll have to check this place out once it's open.

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      i will definitely check it out! thanks for the tip

    2. "Come experience traditional southern BBQ'd favourites that are smoked "Low and slow" over Mesquite wood coals."

      Interesting. Is this gonna be Texas style BBQ??


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        I would love to try a place that makes brisket like Texas...Right now I make it myself and freeze it as some places I have tried been a bit disappointed...RUB leave the fat layer between the point and flat and undercooks it resulting in it being rubbery....I only get pork sandwich from RUB anymore..Buster Rhino is great but too far for me...hope to hear something soon...

      2. Woohoo! Our farm is only 20 minutes away!

        Website is www.hungryhollow.ca Will be following this closely.

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          and ours....yee hah...ribs on the way back from riding...may stop me stopping at the poutine shack

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            Is there a poutine shack I'm not aware of or are talking about Pierre's in Guelph?

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              just posted the locations of the two shacks on trafalgar...comin off the 401 into G'town, the red and white shack is good.

        2. That is great. I have a friend that lives up there, so a reason to visit!

          1. Any updates on this? Still says "coming soon" on their website. Curious to try it!

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              No, I was hoping someone else had when I saw it move up the list. I checked their website yesterday as well, and you are right, still coming soon. Haven't been by, but maybe on my way home to night. Can't wait.

            2. Rumour has july 4th soft opening.

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                So was the rumour true? Did they do a soft open yet? If so, anyone been yet?

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                  Drove by yesterday morning on my way to work, noticed the sign saying "now open". However, I have not had the opportunity to stop by yet. Anyone? Don't think they ever did do the soft opening on July 4, as it was still closed at that time.

                  1. re: foodie_guru

                    Yay! Maybe I'll give it a try this weekend.

                    1. re: Tatai

                      All these posts and no one has tried this place yet it! Someone hurry up and give us the review! It's been open for 10 days already!!!
                      Need a good place to try up that way!

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                        Hungry Hollow is now Open, It opened July 12. If your in the Georgetown area swing on by and sit and relax and have some Southern BBQ. Look forward to seeing you here.

                        1. re: Michael Parsons

                          Ok - so on Saturday, in the midst of a number of errands and jam-packed day, my two daughters and myself made an extremely quick pit stop and picked up a take out order, as I was STARVING. Ordered the Pulled Pork on a bun take out, came with homemade fries and a choice of either mac and cheese, coleslaw, baked beans or cornbread. It was delicious! The girls and I literally inhaled it, however, need to get another one to make sure it wasn't because I was near-ready to pass out from heat and hunger. Worth a try in my opinion, but unfortunately, don't have a lot to compare it to at the moment. It is no Mad Michael's however....

              2. My wife and I as part of my gut expansion exercises in anticipation of a southern cooking road trip next month checked this place out during the week. We were quite impressed. We both had the pulled pork sandwich and it was heaped with pork and had coleslaw on top of the pork. There was an array of ketchup style dispensers with varying sauce styles available. My wife chose the Kansas City sauce (a tomato based bbq sauce) and I had the Spicy (no tomato, just vinegar sugar and heat). Both were excellent. The bun was tasty, but a tad crumbly for our liking - I felt like I was racing to finish before it fell apart on me.

                Fries were excellent and generous. Wife had the baked beans and I, not knowing about the coleslaw on the meat, the coleslaw. Beans were very good as was the slaw.

                All in all, a very satisfactory dinner, and one that more than ably helped prep my stomach muscle for baby backs and biscuits and gravy.

                1. I've been able to check out Hungry Hollow a couple times now.

                  My wife and I both had the Pulled Pork Sandwich both times which comes served with a plentiful amount of fresh cut fries, and a side of your choice. I've tried the Baked Beans which have a nice amount of spice and bold flavour to them, along with the Mac & Cheese which is tasty as well. The Pulled Pork is the real star though with great smoke flavour with a nice and tender pull to it. The Pork is not heavily sauced which is nice as there is a "sauce area" where you can fill a ramekin with your choice of sauces. From what I can remember there is a Texas Smoke, St. Louis Style, Honey Garlic, and a Spicy one. Portion size is huge for the price, and have left stuffed both times. Not bad for $7.95!

                  It's not a full serve restaurant, you simply order your food at the counter, and they call you back when it's ready. They are licensed though to grab a brew to go with the BBQ. The staff is very friendly with the owner coming by for a quick chat both times.

                  I need to check out the Brisket & Ribs next times I hit up Hungry Hollow.

                  I also loved when leaving today, they had a mascot pig waving to people at the road!

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                    Sweet, didn't know they were open. Anybody know what their hours of operation are? I'd be coming from Brampton and seem to always arrive at places when they're closed

                    1. re: duckdown

                      From their website:

                      Monday - Thursday 11am-8pm
                      Friday - Saturday 11am-9pm
                      Sunday Closed

                      Here's the menu:


                      1. re: Screwball

                        Thanks for the info -- Pretty good pricing too!

                        I'm going this week. Anyone have any recommendations?


                        1. re: duckdown

                          We tried it when they opened a few weeks ago. I wouldn't call it a destination restaurant: yes, they have numerous sauces available but they're commercial, not made in house.

                          We tried most of the menu and thought the pulled pork was pretty good, albeit not very smokey-flavoured. Sides were decent, as I recall.

                          All in all, if we happen to be in the area, we'd pop in again, but wouldn't go out of our way to eat there again.

                  2. Made it there tonight finally. Friend and I split the BBQ sampler (we picked Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket and Ribs) also had a side of fries and coleslaw.

                    Overall, I enjoyed it and thought it was good value for the money. I will likely be back next time I am in Georgetown, sure beats the other few spots I have tried there.

                    One comment though, the ribs tasted pretty salty to me. I think that is what it was, salt.. Like, the flavour was different then what I am used too, maybe most rib places tend to have sweet sauces? Maybe it was something else about the sauce that was different....