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May 26, 2010 10:33 AM

Food Allergies

My 6 yr old grandaughter will be coming in from Vegas for a visit. She has serious food allergies. Need SF Valley restaurant that we can take her to and not worry. We will still ask hpw the food is prepared, though.
Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't know what allergies you will have to contend with - it may be helpful to list those and go from there. Nuts? Shellfish? Eggs? Dairy? Glutin? UnChowish food? :) Also preferences (cuisines, specific dishes, etc.) and price ranges are usually helpful as well. The SF Valley is huge, so how far you're willing to travel helps as well.

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      "Yes" to just about all you mention. The problem is are most restaurants able to handle special diets if notified in advance? If we call will they be honest enough to tell how the foods are prepared? Price is no object and SF Valley is preferred. They are coming in for a family event and going back the next day.

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        How serious are the allergies? I still think folks might be able to suggest places that are more likely to be able to handle the situation if you tell us which *exact* allergies she has (and certainly this is something you're going to need to be able to tell the restaurants when you call).

        If the rest of the group doesn't mind eating a vegan meal, you could try Madeline Bistro in Reseda - they're a vegan restaurant, and make most of their own stuff, so there will pretty reliably be no eggs, shellfish, or dairy, even in trace amounts. A lot of dishes contain nuts and / or wheat, but I would imagine they're used enough to dealing with people who have sensitivities to these items that they can tell you with a good degree of certainty if they have enough menu items not containing these items to make a meal.

        But honestly; that number of allergies is going to be a problem for almost any restaurant - and if the allergies are serious (i.e., life-threatening), I can't think of many restaurants who would think it was worth it to try and give a 100% guarantee none of those ingredients were in the food, even in trace amounts.

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      1. i'd consider calling Hugo's and seeing what they have to say. they're very healthy, and are able to accommodate a lot of issues.

        also, cafe cordiale, while not a health food place, is pretty accommodating as well.

        1. Hi, I really sympathize, my diet too is very limited.. I agree Cafe Cordiale should be fine, but if price isn't an object, perhaps a steakhouse would be a good choice. Perhaps Arnie Morton's? I also had good luck recently at the Daily Grill in Studio City. Our waiter was on top on the order and very careful.

          Cafe Cordiale
          14015 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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