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May 26, 2010 10:22 AM

key lime juice in Baltimore?

Wondering if someone knows of where I might find key lime juice in the Baltimore area? I've checked Whole Foods and Trader Joes...

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  1. My wife says you can get this at Goumet Again on Old Court Rd in Pikesville

    1. I don't know if you have have Hispanic markets in your neighborhood. I have been able to find whole fresh key limes at a Latin market in my area.

      1. I'm pretty sure we found it at Super Fresh.

        1. I found it at my local Superfresh

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          1. re: MegMD

            Yes, my Superfresh & Giant both have it. Not sure about Safeway.

          2. A good alternative is to get "Nellie and Joe's Famous Key West Lime Juice" which is available at most area supermarkets. It's on the shelves near ReaLemon or Rose's Lime. Perhaps not quite as desirable as fresh or frozen, :-) There's a recipe on the bottle for a great and easy Key Lime Pie.

            Key Lime Cafe
            207 N Talbot St, Saint Michaels, MD 21663