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May 26, 2010 10:17 AM

Five-Sixty by Wolfie?

I've recently heard from folks saying that they could not get in to 560. I tried open table today for next Thursday and was told no reservations available for 8 weeks. Anyone know what gives?

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  1. Try calling the resto. I have found that Open Table is not always accurate.

    1. Mr Scagnetti called it right, call 'em. I think Open table gets a limited number of tables. Call the main number for a reservation 214.741.5560, I just did and got a 9:00 reservation. Or call the concierge at the Hyatt for faster service, there can be some hold time with the restaurant line.

      I like the suckling pig, the lacquered duck and General Tso quail.

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        Thanks boys. Don't know what I was thinking. They only had one booking left for next Thurs. Guess business is good for them. Which is good for us.