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May 26, 2010 09:15 AM

Amazing dinner at Dante's Kitchen

I wanted to thank posters on this board for the scattered recommendations for Dante's Kitchen. After culling top recs from the board and investigating my "short list", I settled on Dante's for a nice dinner out on a recent visit. It was really amazing, especially for the price!

We had a party of six and started out with a round of incredible cocktails. Tried their ginger-infused vodka, cucumber-infused gin, and raspberry gin in various concoctions. I'm not a big cocktail-drinker, mostly wine for me, but I was fully sold! We had a large variety of apps, small plates, entrees, and desserts. The stand-out dish for me was the short rib, pork belly, and polenta small plate. It melted in my mouth. The only criticism of the dish was that it was an incredibly rich and filling small plate. Even though I split the dish, it left little room for the entrees to come. The maple-glazed (eek, can't remember the glaze exactly) chicken was also delicious - moist, huge portion, glaze with the right balance between sweet and savory. We were less impressed with the grilled artichoke (small, so little meat on the thing and difficult to get) and the mac & cheese (texture was lovely but it was a bit underseasoned). But all of our other dishes ranged from really good to great.

The desserts were wonderful - I especially enjoyed the Mexican chocolate pot du creme with toasted marshmallows. It was rich, not too sweet, amazingly creamy and the crunchy caramelization of the marshmallows was a lovely counterpoint. And, like the cocktails, I'm not a dessert person either. So to love a dessert is quite unusual for me! To top it all off, the service couldn't be better and the check was a real treat in comparison to dinners of a similar caliber in Toronto. Waiting for the streetcar late on Sunday evening left something to be desired, but getting out of the French Quarter for this meal was well worth it. I will definitely be returning to Dante's on my next visit.

Dante's Kitchen
736 Dante Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

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  1. The chicken is fabulous. I'd go back just for that any day.

    1. +1 on the Mexican pot du creme. I love those homemade marshmallows. I recommend any sort of seafood at Dante's, as well as the grits at brunch. Along with the great cocktails, I've found the waitstaff to be really knowledgeable about wine.

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        I have been to Dante's Kithchen twice and enjoyed it both times. One thing I like about it is you do not have to have a reservation there.

        Bigray in Ok

      2. One of Dante's great advantages from a diner's perspective is that it is hardly ever on anyone's top ten list, though it is a lovely spot. Similar vibe, IMO, to Cafe Degas, which is also a well kept secret (locals know both well, tourists not so much).

        Glad you enjoyed it!