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May 26, 2010 07:58 AM

Puglia Markets

My husband and I are traveling to Puglia in June for a week. We've rented a private place outside of Martina Franca with a full kitchen, grill, etc. I'm planning on cooking most of our evenings meals and eating out at lunch. I've been researching markets and whatnot, but have been sketchy results on the best places to purchase ingredients.

We'll have a car and are up for experiencing just about anything Puglia has to offer, so please feel free to throw it all out there... proteins, seafoods, produce, olive oil, cheese, wine -- all of it! What shops and markets do it best?


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  1. I lived in Lecce 20 years ago and am going back to Puglia next month.
    Puglia is a treasure trove of amazing food products and great markets.

    1. The town of Gioia del Colle is world-renown for its mozzarella. It's also on the map for wine. Check out this link:

    2. Altamura is famous for its bread called Pane di Altamura

    3. Martina Franca is a fantastic town with a great open market

    4. Cerignola is the home of the olive of the same name.

    5. Gallipoli has a beautiful outdoor fish market worth a visit.

    There are so many more places with fantastic food and markets. You will be amazed.

    1. HI Kate,
      I am native to Puglia where I run market tours and cooking classes. Every town in Puglia has a fruit and vegetable market. Usually this market takes place once or twice a week. You just need to know what is the market day in the town where you are. If you don't go to the market, you will find local and very delicious food at every little shop: in Puglia there are excellent bakeries, cheese shops, fruit and vegetables sellers.
      Hope this helps!

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