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May 26, 2010 07:58 AM

Tramontina Gourmet 18/10 Triply the same as Tramontina Triply 18/10?

This is my first post here...I hope it's okay that I'm jumping right in! I've been reading here for months and so many of your names have become familiar to me as I've researched SS cookware, knives, the KitchenAid mixer, and so on. Feels strange to finally posting!

After reading countless threads and reviews, I've decided in invest in a few pieces of the Tramontina SS Triply that is sold at Wal-Mart. I know it's normally only sold online, so I was surprised to find what I think are the same pieces in my WM store last night. They did say 18/10 Stainless Steel Triply, and the only thing different from the ones I've been looking at online was the addition of the word "Gourmet" after Tramontina. The shape of this Gourmet line is exactly the same as the one I've looked at honline, even though the Tramontina Gourmet line on Amazon has more of a "potbelly" shape, if that makes sense.

It was a litle confusing, since the WM website didn't show any of the pieces in stock at my local WM, yet I found 2 of the 10-piece sets plus about 6 open stock items.

Any input would be much appreciated!

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  1. my local walmart carries the tramontina tri ply line. I never noticed if it stated gourmet or not.. however, I would just make sure the tri ply goes all the way up the sides and isn't just a disc bottom.. other than that, it should be the same if it goes all the way up.

    edited to add.. before someone picks on me and says tri ply and disc bottoms are not the same for descriptive purposes... ;o)
    Only reason I mention the disc is because I have seen some sites tout tri ply and the pan is actually a disc bottom and the bottom impact bonded base was tri ply clad but the entire pan was not.

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      Potential dumb can I tell if the triply goes all the way up the sides? The bottom of the cookware said triply, but I guess that could apply to just the bottoms. Thanks!

    2. We must have been standing in Walmart in front of the Tramontina display at the same time! I'm in Missouri so I probably didn't run into you. LOL

      I, too, read countless threads and decided to go with the 10-pc Tri ply Clad using the Walmart site-to-store option. I also ordered a couple more pieces to expand that set (1.5 qt. saucepan and 3 qt.).

      Those 2 sauce pans came in so I picked them up and had them with me to compare with those displayed in the store. Interestingly the 3qt. was $4 more online than the 3 qt. that was in the store (they refunded the difference). The store had the 8-pc. set + about 6 "open stock" items.

      The open stock in the store had the black "Gourmet" labels on them but the pans I ordered did not. They were the exact same pans though "Tramontina TriPlyClad 18/10 SS"

      So, yes, what you were looking at in the store is the fully-clad line.

      Not to confuse, they also had the plain SS that is NOT fully clad. As long as what you're looking at says "Tri Ply Clad" on the bottom you'll be good to go!

      P.S. If I wasn't already married, I'd marry this Tramontina set. I LOVE IT.

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      1. re: Kelleygirl

        lol...that's so funny! And we both probably had the same puzzled looks on our faces!

        Yeah, I did see the other lines of Tramontina (one was called Style, and there was yet another which I forget the name of). It would be almost impossible to confuse them, just by the weight and the feel of them. The Triply was much heavier and just had a good quality look/feel to them, vs. the other lines.

        Now I want to rush back and get some! I actually picked up the 12 inch skillet last night. I'm also wanting the 2qt. sauce pan, the 4qt. saucepan, and the 8qt. stockpot (which was not in stock, so I'd have to do Site to Store for that one).

        1. re: Kelleygirl

          Alas, Tramontina has been using the "Gourmet" designation on cookware packaging and insert materials which is NOT in their "Gourmet" series.

          If the subject cookware is in Tramontina's 80116/xxx series, then it is the highly-rated 18/10 tri-ply all-clad cookware, which is NSF-listed as suitable for restaurants, etcetera.

          So, go by the 80116/xxx series and not by the "Gourmet" designation.

          For 80116/xxx cookware which has the "Gourmet" designation, just consider "Gourmet" a generic term.

          The exact item is etched on the underside of the cookware as 80116/xxx, where xxx represents the specific item in Tramontina's catalog.