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May 26, 2010 07:39 AM

Where to go for Chinese food for dinner/Peking Duck in the Toronto area?

My family and I will be in Toronto for 4 days next week and would like some recommendations for a delicious Chinese dinner including Peking Duck.

I was there in 2007 and had dinner with my husband's family and they took us to a great restaurant which was in Richmond, I think but not sure. It was definitely on the outskirts of Toronto.

If anyone has any suggestions, it would be great.

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    1. I'd recommend Royal Teahouse near Woodbine and Apple Creek for Peking Duck. Quite authentic and the price is not outrageous. they provide both the Green onion and cucumber slices along with the Hoi See Sauce too. You can also order their set dinner menu to go along with the Duck.

      Royal Teahouse
      10 Apple Creek Blvd, Markham, ON L3R 5Z1, CA

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      1. re: happylnuts

        Two days ago, the duck comes with 'burnt aviation Kerosene'!

      2. 'Emperor' corner of Bayview and Blackmoore has a Peking duck special every Monday. ( $19.98 two ways ). Very high quality! In addition to all the condiments that happynuts eluded to, the pancake offered is very ' Hong Kong/Mainland' authentic. Service is also very attentive.
        I've only been to Royal Teahouse once, however, IMO, I think the calibre of food at dinner, compare to the Emperor is way inferior and less refined! However, admittedly, Emperor is more expensive!

        Royal Teahouse
        10 Apple Creek Blvd, Markham, ON L3R 5Z1, CA

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          +1 For Emperor Peking Duck on Monday's Value wise its hard to beat. In Addition I like the one at Chung King Garden Restaurant in Market Village/Pacific Mall on Steele and Kennedy. Pity is Chung King only takes cash!

          Chung King Garden Restaurant
          4394 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R9V9, CA

          1. re: Charles Yu

            How does the Peking duck at Emperor compare to the one at Ambassador?

          2. If you want to be down town, then in China town, on the North side of Dundas, just East of Spadina,( less than 100 metres), I think it is called some thing to do with BBQ, anyway it is the only place where Peking Duck is advertised outside. The meal is really quite good and you have a choice as to how you would like the remainder meat prepared. The food is very fresh, they have a large room with a high turnover and the other dishes offered are good too. It is not slow and luxurious. It is fast and high quality.

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            1. re: AzulH

              What is this restaurant's name? Any other recommendations for peking duck downtown?

              1. re: mselizabeth

                Apologies for not getting back sooner. Its called "Gourmet" of all things! Just East of Royal Bank on North side of Dundas.

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